Losing 6 Pounds Didn't Solve Anything, But Neither Did Two Pieces of Chocolate Loaf

That picture, that is me three days ago, before the crappy day.

Yesterday was pretty much the day from hell. I knew I was facing a tough meeting at the end of the day. You know, one of those meetings you have to put on your big girl panties for? I knew it was not going to result in unicorns and rainbows.

So when I woke up, I instead braced myself to be ultra ready for everything else that might come my way.

I stepped on the scale. At my lowest weight yet this year (or last year...I know it is only Jan). 3.5 weeks into eating sensibly and using portion control and I was down 6 pounds. Smile.

I broke out the bullet journal and organized my time and to do list. I started to print out some pdfs for the classes I teach, with the intention of making copies for my classes when I got to work. I had even arranged for my dad to come over to watch my son early so that I could be at work early to prep and then be fully present for my staff and students.

My printer would not print. Slightly annoying, but you know...manageable. I will print at school.

My dad arrived, a knight in shining armor with a smile and Diet Pepsi. He knows I love Diet Pepsi from soda fountains. I packed up, kissed my kiddo, and headed out.

No keys. No car keys. Anywhere. The three of us frantically moved everything looking. Nothing. And I mean nothing.

Had to make the phone call to my husband..."I need you to bring me my spare keys". Yep. My lovely husband drove from Roseville to Oak Park to bring me my spare keys.

I waited in my cold car so he would not have to stop. My plan was for him to drive by and toss the keys out the window.

I got to work an hour late.

The school servers were being worked on so I could not print out any documents to copy.

Did I mention that this was also the day that I was trying out differentation within my classes, meaning that I was starting two different units in each class? Within each of those units I have pretests which allow me to start kiddos on different paths so that they are not relearning things they already know or getting extra help with skills that they need to really focus on?

Yeah, no stress there.

I made the fatal mistake of wandering back to the staff lounge. Spotted a slice of chocolate loaf bread with frosting and ate it. It was awesome. Had another one. It was more awesome.

Servers came back up...google drive wasn't working.

I did not eat another piece of cake. Mostly  because there was only one left and I did not want to be "that" person who at all of the chocolate cake.

I did not eat any more carbs that day. I ate a sensible lunch and dinner.

My point is this. Losing weight did not magically improve my day. Stepping on the scale and seeing progress, putting on my pants and not having to think "UGH I can see my cellulite through these khakis!  I am too fat to wear them!" DID give me one LESS thing to stress over. One less crappy thing to pile onto an already crappy day.

The chocolate loaf bread also did not magically make my day better. But it was awesome.  I did enjoy it. It was something tangible that I held and enjoyed and appreciated while I consumed it. I also did not instantly gain the 6 pounds back because I managed myself the rest of the day.

So, here is to another day. Yesterday is over. The chocolate loaf bread is gone. I only have awesomeness to look forward to today. (Right?)

Two Tasty, Super Easy Meals!

New easy and tasty lunch and dinner recipes that I have been eating this week and LOVING!

Thai Inspired Peanut Chicken over Veges and "Noodles"
Spaghetti Squash
Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts, other veges that you like
Thai Peanut Sauce (I found a brand that is 70 calories for two tablespoons. I use one tablespoon)

Turn on oven to 350 or so. Roast veges and chicken until done.
Cut squash in half and roast until soft. Cool and use a fork to create your noodles.
Reheat when ready to eat and combine. Then, add peanut sauce.
Toss cilantro on top if you are feeling fancy.

I have eaten both twice in the past week and loved it both times. What is so great about BOTH recipes is that you can easily cook the components ahead of time and reheat during the week for dinner or lunch. ENJOY!
2 G, 1 R,

Buffalo Chicken Pizza
1 whole wheat pita
chopped red onion and celery (I cook it in the oven with my other veges)
1 red container of cooked chicken with dash of Buffalo sauce (I found a brand with 10 calories per serving)
1 serving of mozarella cheese

Take to work. You can see how I pack mine. I put the chicken in a separate tupperware container.
Heat chicken and veges.Toss on cheese and cilantro on pita bread and heat until just melted. Place chicken and veges on top. SOOOO good! Make sure NOT to heat up the chicken ON the pita bread. It will get mushy!

 1R, 1Y, .25 V, 1 B