Getting Fit When Your Partner is Getting Pissed

My husband and I are fitness coaches. Each morning, we work out together. It has not always been like this. I was not always supportive of James' efforts. Yet, he always silently moved forward. I asked James to co author a series of blogs with me about getting fit when your partner is getting pissed.

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K: When James and I first re-met after I graduated from college (we've known each other since the fourth grade!) I was at my heaviest. James had just lost 50 pounds through diet and running. You know that nursery rhyme, "Jack sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean. So, between them both they licked the platter clean."? That was us.

J: My last year of  college I had epiphany.... I was FAT and I could stay that way or change. I decided to make a change and ended up losing 55 pounds through diet and regular workouts. It became a compulsion, nothing too extreme, but  I was afraid that if I went too many days without working out I would blow up like a balloon and be right back where I started.

K: I looked up to James for his ability to put his health first and for the way he never criticized me or made me feel bad about my own weight.

J: I knew better than to try and force or coerce Kirsten into a healthy lifestyle. During college when I was getting fit, I learned a valuable lesson about people with respect to their health, diet and exercise. I learned you can only facilitate good habits, you can't force them. I work out and eat healthy for myself not anyone else. I am more than happy to help and you're welcome to join me, but I know I can't force you to change, that desire needs to come from within. 

K: There was some friction. After months of dating, we went on a cruise. When we got on board, in our suits, and sat by the pool, it took 15 minutes for James to say, "Okay, I am going to go work out now". I was pissed. What? This was our big romantic vacation. I thought we would be laying out by the pool and boozing. Grrrrrr. My anger had more to do with my own feelings. I just wanted to be fat and lazy on this trip and wanted him to be that way with I  wouldn't feel guilty about my own weight. I immediately withdrew and got quiet. Yep, I got quiet. I am Pretty sure that getting really quiet is the universal girlfriend/wife language for "I am pissed. So pissed that I am going to sit here and stew until you ask me what is wrong and then angrily spew everything that annoys me about you to avoid the fact that my feelings have nothing to do with you, but everything to do with what I don't like about myself."

J: I knew she was pissed, but I went and worked out. My need to work out wasn't about her. I recognized her anger and frustration reflected her feelings about herself, not me. Nothing I did in that moment would help her resolve those feelings.

K: Yes, he went and worked out. HE WENT AND WORKED OUT. How dare he. He did not engage, point fingers, lecture me about health and fitness. He just did it.

At the end of the cruise, the magical moment came and he proposed. The friction disappeared, temporarily.

The friction that started on the boat that day, wouldn't end there. Yep. He did it again on our honeymoon.  After the birth of our son, quietly  moving forward would not keep working for James, me, or our marriage. That is when he did something really SMART that also enabled me to move forward.  Our second blog post may be found here.

Join the Getting Fit and Staying Fit Challenge Group!

I went from overweight mom...

to fit, healthy, and happy. It isn't rocket science. 

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Step 1: COMMIT 1 hour a day EVERY day for 30 days:
30 minutes to work out
20 minutes to prep and pack your food
10 minutes to check the private Facebook page and participate in our group!

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Step 3: Visit my Beach Body store to purchase your program and choose me as your coach! Coach number 598461, Coach K Spall.  Then, take your before picture and get ready for big changes!

P90X3 for fans of Tony Horton. 

21 Day Fix: For Those Who are Looking For Fitness and an EASY nutrition program based on portion control!

The Cost of Getting Fit

Now that I am starting to show my weight loss, people are asking  me what program I am using and what it costs. 

That is the easy part. I pay $115 a month for my Shakeology delivery. The 21 Day Fix only cost me
an extra $25 the first month. You can read my blog about getting a huge discount on The Fix  and Shakeology here.

What people don't  think about are the other costs.

Social Events: Most of my (adult) social events center around food and drink. A typical girl's night out with my friends was a brewery and burgers. Making a commitment to health meant that was not an option. Instead, I found a brewery that didn't have a kitchen and instead brings in food trucks. This also meant that I could bring my own food, and I did. Fruit, veges, hummus, and almonds. My friend loved it! I still had a beer, but just one and I didn't feel deprived. The next day, there was no weight gain or guilty feelings.

Date Nights: I love food and wine. Nothing better than a rare steak and vegetables covered in butter. Shortly after I started The 21 Day Fix was Valentines Day, my birthday, our 10 year anniversary and my husband's birthday. The big steak meal was not going to help me get to my goals. I passed and you know what? It didn't really matter to me. After each "pass" I noticed I could do more burpees or felt stronger. We are now more likely to go out and order Sashimi than calorie laden rolls with tempura fried shrimp in the middle.

There were gains that I was not expecting.

I mean, I expected to feel better about myself and fit into my clothes again.

I wasn't expecting to gain 30  minutes of my day back. I had been spending about an hour in the gym. Initially, I was worried that the 30 minute workouts would not be enough compared to what I was doing. However, the 30 minute workouts are based on HIIT. This means that you kick ass for 60 seconds and then rest for 15. Each day focuses on something different. Even though I was spending less time at the gym I was getting more results.

I also gained a sense of pride. To be able to say "no" and take time for myself, to take care of what I needed was a huge boost to my overall mood and attitude.

People wanted to join me. After I mentioned on Facebook that I was starting the 21 Day Fix, two of my friends went online and bought it. I didn't expect that being a Beach Body coach would result in being part of a super supportive group of women online, but really my Challenge Group has motivated me way  more then I ever thought they would! They are funny and real. When I am not in the mood to stay motivated, one of them always posts something that lights the fire.

If you are interested in "paying" for the gains you can get, email me. I am happy to help you get started.

Reward really DO IT

This is my sixth post n the blog series about the SMART skills that took me from 260-166 pounds. Contact me if you want help on your path to fitness!

Rewarding yourself does not always come easy, but it is important to recognize the small steps we take in our journey.

Reward behavior not weight.

 Why? The scale does not always show how much progress we have made. So instead of rewarding a loss of 5 pounds, reward:

- doing 5 more burpees
- staying on your food program 100%
- writing down everything you eat
- walking 10 more minutes that the day before
- waking up and working out 5/7 days.

How to reward yourself

Do NOT reward yourself with food! You are not a dog! If you want to have a cheat meal, plan for it. 

What is it you enjoy the most? Manicure, new outfit, or a new song from iTunes? Do it or buy it.

Keep it cheap or free! If you are going to reward yourself after each goal, you can't always buy something. My favorite reward is a hot bath with my iPad and Pinterest. Robert calls it taking a bath  "mommy style".

Put a dollar in a jar every time you reach one of your mini goals. When the jar is full, take out the money and do something totally selfish with it!

Recognizing your achievements feels good, but having something to reach towards may also help motivate you when you are weak! Keep a reminder of your reward on your office desk and on the refrigerator!

Arrange Your World For Success

This is my fifth blog post in the SMART skills blog series. Using these skills helped me go from 260-165. I work on these skills every day. If you want help becoming or staying fit and healthy email me!

Arranging your world for success may be the number one important thing to do. It is the best way to set yourself up to be successful. 

Make it as easy as possible for yourself to reach your workout goals:

Empty and refill your bag as soon as you get home
If you work out in the morning, set out all clothing, videos, equipment or headphones that you require the night before. I sleep in my workout clothes, yes I do. I feel like a major dumbass if I have to take off my gym clothes without working out!

 If you are driving to the gym, make sure your makeup, deodorant and underwear is in your gym bag. (Yes, I have forgotten my undies before). Put your gym bag in YOUR CAR so that even if you bail on your workout, it forces you to get out of bed no matter what. Chances are if you get out of bed and go out to the car, you will end up getting in your car and going!

If you work out in the evening, plan ahead what everybody else will be doing while you work out. Get the kids a special video, pre cook their dinner, schedule the evening so that YOU get what you need.

Plan workouts that work! Going to the gym or going for a walk without a plan is not a good way to maximize your workouts. Purchase a systematic program from Beach Body or find a program online that will work for you.

Create a "safe" kitchen to help you reach your nutrition goals:

My boys helping me prep!
I place all of my prepared meals in one section. Nobody else eats from this section of the fridge and I don't open their drawers.

Each week, make a list, shop, and prep your food. If it is ready, then you can reach in and grab a healthy choice without having to think. No thinking means less opportunity for you to lie to yourself or grab the wrong thing.

Create a "safe" work space:

Clean our your desk drawers. Place an extra Shakeology shake in your desk drawers for emergencies. Recognize what activities or parts of the day are the most stressful. Plan a 10 minute walk for that time of day or after that activity.

Create "Rules" for yourself. 

My number one rule on the weekends is, NO taking a shower before I workout. That means I walk around town greasy and gross until I force myself to work out. It is too easy to hang out on the couch or spend the day shopping and skip my workout if I take a shower before working out.

During the week, I don't eat anything at work that I do not bring from home. This prevents me from eating goodies that my staff brings in.

Arranging your world helps you feel in control and responsible for your own health and fitness!

Recruit Your Team for Weight Loss and Fitness

This is the fourth post in a series about the SMART skills I utilized to go from 260-166. Check out my webpage for more information about the programs I use to keep fit.

So you want to lose weight? Recruit your team. People want to help and if they don't then, plan on that, too.

One of two things will happen when you ask for help. Most people will gladly help. With these people:

a. Be specific with what you need from them. "I need you to keep the cookies and ice cream in the garage freezer" My biggest request for my husband, "Take all that crap to work!". The next time I visited James at work, I discovered his cache of cookies in his desk drawer.

b. Appreciate their help. If you have asked them to hid the cookies, don't get mad at them when they do. When your spouse prompts you to go work out, do not shoot them a dirty look.

c. Be clear when your goals change or if what you need changes. They can not read your mind or infer these changes from your mood. Be clear and communicate.

For those who aren't on board and don't want to help:

a. Don't be judgy. The worse thing you can do is turn it around on them and accuse them of not loving you, not caring, or pointing out their health or fitness problems. They are being honest with you.

b. Work around their role in your life: If this person is someone who has control over your meals, take control over your meals. Cook and prep for yourself.  If your spouse needs your help with the kids in the afternoon, work out in the morning or after the kids go to bed.

c. Be sensitive to how your changes may effect these people. Is your spouse concerned about you spending time away from the family? Is your best friend annoyed because your favorite thing to do is drink at pubs? You may have to renegotiate some relationships and make an effort to keep a connection to those who matter to you, but traditionally fed into an unhealthy lifestyle.

To help find the right program for you and help with motivation and accountability add me to your team! Email me below or contact me on facebook!

Documenting to Prepare for Success

This is the third post in a series of thoughts about the SMART skills. The skills that helped me lose and keep off weight. It is not just about eating less, but building a life and mindset that keeps you fit and happy.

Monitor. Keep track. Write it down. 
These things keep you honest. They keep you on track. It gives you a record.

You never need a record until you do and you didn't keep one. I did not take my own measurements before I lost close to 100 pounds. I took pictures, I knew what I weighed. But, I wish I had taken measurements so that I could have a solid number of inches lost. 

Before starting 21 Day Fix, I took my measurements and I was glad I did. Because the scale is not budging, but my pants are looser.Since I have measurements, I also have black and white proof that my mind is not playing tricks on me. It has kept me going even when the scale doesn't. 

When I look at my calendar and see all the workouts that I have done over the pasts 41 days, it makes it easier to finish the last workout on the 42nd days instead of skipping it. Who would want to break that streak?

Last weekend, I splurged and ate sashimi with real soy sauce. I had a cocktail. I had movie popcorn. Guess who I felt and guess what the scale said days later? UGH. Why? Why? I asked myself. sauce? Popcorn? SALT!! I could breathe again. Water weight, bloating. It will go away.

When I hit a plateau the first thing I do is go back and read what I ate the previous week and then write down what I plan to eat each day of the following week. It allows me to eliminate mistakes and prepare for the week. When I know what I will eat, I know what I need to buy at the grocery store and prep ahead of time. NO excuses!

What do you need to write down to be successful? What do you want to write down so that you can remember where you began?

If you want an accountability partner or coach, contact me. I am a beach body coach and cheerleader! I love helping people find what works for them.

Goal Setting: Don't Sabotage Yourself

This is part 2 in my SMART skills blogging series. These skills helped me go from  260-166! They are essential to losing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

There are three rules to goal setting. Be specific, make it measurable, and make it attainable.

Specific: How many? Where? 
I will write down what I am going to eat and prep all of my food by 9:00 at night.

Measurable: How much? How many days? By what time?

I will complete the scheduled Fix workout video by 5:00 each day.
I will walk 3 miles before leaving for work each morning
I will eat only what I bring to work 5 days a week.

Attainable: If you are sick of "failing" to meet your goals. Start out by making your bar so low that you can't help but succeed. Success breeds success. As you gain confidence make them more difficult to attain.

I will complete a minimum of 30 seconds of ach 60 second interval.
I will do my first push up on my feet before going to be knees.

Then, write your goals down. Share them with the challenge group. Share them on facebook or with your spouse.

Notice, there are NO weight goals. These are all behavioral goals. If you design behavioral goals that will change your fitness, weight, and life the results will be weight loss and a healthy life.  A change of behavior is the only way to attain and sustain weight loss!

Get a Discount on Health

Visit my Beach Body Coach Page, my fitness Facebook page,email me at

When I started with Beach Body, I was a little pissed about the cost of Shakeology. Really? $143 a month? It wasn't until I figured out how to get it for $115 per month that I agreed to do it!

My coach helped me lower the cost with the Challenge Pack Coach Upgrade to about $4.00 per serving. I would never think twice about spending $4.00 on a cheeseburger or coffee!

The upgrade allows me to get my monthly Shakeology for $115 instead of the normal $143. My husband uses my 25% discount to buy his Shakeology,purchase supplements and most recently, the new p90X3 program.

So what is the catch?
The initial cost of becoming a coach is $39.95. If you are joining for a discount, it might seem silly to pay to get a discount.However, if you sign up for the coach upgrade when you buy your challenge, pack the fee is waived!

For example, I purchased the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack when I became a coach. For $160.00.  I got:
  • My first 30-day supply of Shakeology
  • 6 amazing routines, tools for success including the nutrition program and container system
  • A FREE 30-day VIP trial membership to the Team Beachbody Club, now with Beachbody on Demand, where you can stream 21 Day Fix whenever and wherever you want and find the support you'll need to complete your Challenge.

What if I already bought a Challenge Pack? No problem ! Beach Body is allowing anybody who has purchased a Challenge Pack, ever, to become a coach for free. See this page for details!

What happens the next month? 
Each month, you will be charged a coach fee of $15.95.

Each quarter you will be charged for your Beach Body Club Membership, which includes On Demand! This breaks down to about $13.00 a month. You can cancel the on demand feature to make your Shakeology even more affordable!

Why are all of these fees a bargain?

If I was NOT a coach, I would be paying $143.00 per month for my monthly Shakeology.

My coaching fee  and my Shakeology cost me only $115 per month TOTAL! 

Plus, if you end up ordering any other programs, supplements, weights, or resistance bands from the Beach Body store, you get 25% off. 

What happens if I want to stop being a discount coach? You do not sign a year long contract! You simply call and quit.

Skills For Weight Loss

One of the key components of my initial weight loss was learning to use the SMART skills. I suggest you read the book Living SMART, but below is the quick and dirty version of how I use the skills in weight loss.

I will be including these skills as a way of making Beach Body fitness a part of your life, instead of  a fad diet! I hope all of my participants use the workouts and nutrition plans to change their lives, not just to lose 10 pounds and gain it back!

Skills we focus on:

Set a specific goal that is measurable and attainable. 
Monitor your progress and write it down!
Arrange your world for success by scheduling the activities that will support your goal and removing physical/emotional barriers to success.
Recruit a support team that will help you monitor, arrange your world, and reward you when you have done well. For many people, this is a difficult part and the reason that we have Challenge Groups!
Treat yourself. Yes, treat yourself. It does not have to cost money and should not interfere with your overall goals!

It has only been since I have refocused on these skills has my weight stabilized and has started to go down, again. I feel healthier, happier and more fit.

If you are looking for a way to get fit, lose weight, or need a systematic approach to both email me for help! My Challenge groups are full of positive people who are in it together!

Visit my Beach Body Coach Page, my fitness Facebook page,email me at

The Part of My Story I Don't Usually Talk About

This post is inspired by my own struggle with depression and by those in my life who struggle. I think it is important for anybody struggling with their physical health, to also take care of their mental health. The two are inextricably linked and one can not reach their optimal health until they address both.

Growing up, I blamed my unhappiness on my weight. I was too fat to look good, fit into clothes, or get looks from boys. I was too fat to be my parent's favorite, not athletic enough, not cool enough. I spent a lot of time by myself. It seemed that people around me were always having fun with friends, going places, doing things. 

In high school and in college, I must have appeared normal. I didn't dress in all black or cry all day. I was in honors classes, school activities, student leadership, journalism, drama....a little bit of everything. My grades were decent and I appeared to be on a good track. I blamed my feelings on myself. If I just tried harder, if I could just lose the weight, if I could just join another team or club.

Asking for help was really hard. After my son turned 5, I sought help from my Dr. She was empathetic, but explained that it was probably just, "...going back to work that has you down" and suggested that, "...working out will really help your mental attitude..."

That was it, I reached a point in my life when I was ready to take control of my health and fitness. I lost the weight. I worked out every day. I did feel a little bit better. However, after doing everything I had always been told to do, the loneliness and sadness remained.

It wasn't until my  husband walked into my large closet and found me laying on the floor, crying did I realize it wasn't my fault. He assured me this wasn't normal.  I returned to my Dr. and finally she referred me to a mental health professional. 

I was diagnosed with Dysthymia. Essentially, a low grade but long lasting depression. I never wanted to take my own life, but my life was never happy, full. There was always something pulling my physical wellness and mental wellness down instead of pushing me up.

Medication, exercise, eating well, and taking care of close relationships is all part of my fight against depression. I look back on the old me and wish I had gotten help sooner and not wasted so much of my time feeling alone.

I encourage anyone who reads this and identifies with how I felt to seek help from your Dr., your spouse, or a friend. 


Week 4 of 21 Day Fix and no movement for five days. 

The first three weeks went well. I lost inches and 5 pounds. I could already see the changes in my body. Seeing the same weight bothered me. I knew I was working hard, eating clean, and dedicated to change. 

I started scouring the web for solutions and created the plan below.

  • Refocus on nutrition. I returned to the 21 Day Fix basics and re read the  materials.
  • Chose foods from the top third of each container list.
  • Went back to measuring everything that went in my mouth.
  • Eliminated tastes and licks.
  • Returned to eating PB2 instead of natural peanut butter.
  • Upped my weights, speed, and reps whenever possible.
  • Forced myself to drink more water.
  • Dropped bread as carbs and went back to brown rice or quinoa for carbs.
  • Drank Shakeology instead of other protein powders.
  • Slept more
On Saturday I weighed 177.1. The exact amount that my scale showed for 5 days. This morning is Thursday and finally, 175.1. I can breathe. My next step?

Do not stop! I want to stay on the path that got me past the plateau. I have 10 pounds until I reach my first weight goal. I will make it.

If you are stuck on a weight loss plateau or need to get started on a fitness journey, contact me! I am a Beach Body Coach on my own fitness journey.

What To Do The Weeks Before You Start

Before starting your first week!

Write it Down
Start writing down what you eat and when you eat it. Don't change anything. Continue your food life as normal. Don't binge and don't cut back. Notice why you eat and what you eat as you write it down. This will help you develop a baseline and identify potential problem areas. Do you eat when you are at your desk? Stressed? Bored?Write it Down

Set Aside 30 Minutes a Day for Exercise
If you are not working out yet, start with a 30 minute walk every day. No excuses. this will help build your 30 min Fix workouts into your day and help you to build the habit.

Get Set Up
You will need a set of light and heavy weights or a band. I started with 3 and 5 pound weights. Five weeks later, I am using 5s, 10s, and 15s. Check out discount stores like Marshalls and Ross. They often have nice ones that you won't mind seeing under your couch in the living room. You will need a space big enough to lay down or do jumping jacks. Craiglist is also a good place to look.

Buy workout bras, shirts, and pants that you feel comfortable in. You will be working out every day. So, unless you do laundry every day, you will need enough outfits to ensure you don't skip your workout due to wardrobe!

Gather your Tupperware. What can you use to put an entire day's worth of food in? Do you have enough to last a few days or do you plan on doing dishes every night?

Clean It Out
Three days before you are going to officially start, finish, throw out, and stop buying junk food, bread, milk products, and anything from the inside aisles of the grocery store.  Make sure to get rid of any trigger foods. If the ice cream in your freezer calls your  name, take a spoon to it or toss it. When you do start the program, you do not want temptations in your house or office desk.

Tell Everybody
Yep, tell people. Tell everyone you see on a regular basis. It will be more difficult to eat a piece of cake at the office party if you know that everybody else knows you are working a new program. It will be easier to say "No thank you" if you have already talked about your choice ahead of time. Besides, my guess is that someone else is either doing it or wants to do the 21 Day Fix.

If somebody wants to join us, send them my way. If you signed up with the coach upgrade, I will provide them with your coach code so that you can earn a commision! You don't have to do anything.

Gather Your Team
If you know somebody who is doing the 21 Day Fix or wants to, get them on your side. Refer them to me and I will get them set up. The more people you surround yourself with, the more accountability you will have.

Toss Toxic People
Okay, so maybe not throw them out of life completely, but make mental notes who to stay away from. There will be people who accuse you of trying a fad diet or sabotaging your plans.Know who they are ahead of time and plan your responses or escape routes!

Document, Document, Document
Weight and measure yourself. You do not want the scale to be the only thing that you measure success  by. Measure your body so that  in three weeks you can have a solid idea of where you came from.

The First Week: Food Prep

Prepare a Grocery List
After read all of your program materials, you are ready to prep. Food prep is the number one thing you can do to set yourself up for success. If you have food ready, you eliminate the opportunity to eat off program because you are at home with nothing but cheese pizza or get stuck at work and "have to" eat out.

Read through the food lists and identify what you like to eat. If possible, try to stay in the top third of each list. The top third of each list will bring you the greatest success.

Grocery Shopping
Shop on the outside of the grocery store. Stay away from the middle. If you are shopping for a family, only buy what your family needs and try to buy what you don't like. For example, we all love ice cream in my house. I can't stay away from it. If my family has requested ice cream, I buy Mint Chocolate Chip. The family loves it, I hate it.

Prep for the Week
When you get home, immediately put away any food that you purchased for the family, but that you don't plan on eating. Out of sight out of mind.

Then, clean, chop, prep, and store what you do plan on eating for the next 3-4 days. To help keep things fresh:

Wash berries, but try not to cut into them until the day before you plan to eat them. Include a paper towel in the bottom of the container to absorb excess moisture.

Wash, cut, and thoroughly dry lettuce and other vegetables before storing. Include a paper towel to absorb excess moisture.

Cook any meat that you will eat.I love to barbecue balsamic chicken, make crock pot salsa chicken, and cook up a batch of super lean ground turkey with Mrs. Dash on Saturday so that I am good to go until Wednesday or Thursday. I do not cook fish ahead of time, it grosses me out!

If you have a family or roommates, clear out a section of the refrigerator and one shelf in a cabinet for your food. That way, it is there when you need it and you only go to that section when looking for a meal. Keep it simple.

This is also a good time to prep easy meals that your family can prepare for themselves or pull together freezable casseroles you can pop into the oven for them. It is difficult to stay focused if you are slaving over a pot of super yummy pasta for your family.

Prepping for the Next Day
Each night prep breakfast, snacks, and lunch. If you are going to be away from home tuck in an extra Shakeology serving for emergencies or getting stuck in traffic. Set out any items that do not need to be refrigerated on your counter so that you do not forget them.  Think about the day ahead of you. Do you need to pack extra snacks for soccer practice? Will you be in a meeting and need to pack a snack that doesn't need to be heated or refrigerated?

When I get home at night, the first thing I do is empty out my lunch  bag and rinse out my containers. Then, prep dinner and my food for the next day. Stay ready. Stay focused.

My Fitness Journey

My first memory includes tears and doughnuts. My next memory? An intense ear infection, pink bunny ears, a dance recital and a loaf of French Toast. See any patterns? Food has been my best friend, comfort and my worst enemy.

The first time I remember being on a diet was in high school. Each week, I dutifully went to Weight Watchers meetings each week with my mom. I did lose weight, teachers started to notice and I felt good. I checked off boxes, made my lunches, and looked forward to the day when I could shop in a normal store. I kept the weight of Freshman year of college, but not  much longer than that.

Fast forward to a failed engagement, graduating college, and starting my first teaching job. Three weeks into my first year teaching, I re met my husband. I knew James from high school, but this was a different James. This James had just finished losing weight through eating right and running. He saw through the fat.

I immediately felt the panic of being the fat girl with the good looking guy. When I fell below 200 pounds I got pregnant. For the next 38 weeks, I ate whatever I wanted without guilt. For the first time in my life, I did not feel shame or guilt after eating. By the end of my pregnancy I reached 260 pounds.

When Robert got to be 4, I realized that I had to do something. I ended up doing a medical weight loss program. It was expensive and rigorous. A liquid diet for weeks and then a slow weaning process. The value of the program wasn't only the liquid diet, but also the SMART skills I gained. When people as me about this program and question the validity of a liquid weight loss program, I tell them it was a food detox. I needed to completely remove food from the equation and lose weight fast.

I had to eliminate the one thing that was always my excuse. It forced me to change the structure of my life, understand what true hunger is, and focus on health instead of trying to eat crap and lose weight.

I learned to say "no" consistently to food and events that were not going to get me to my goal.

The next year was one of the most stressful years of my life. At the end of the year I quit my job and went from being on my feet all day teaching, to a desk job and homeschooling my son.  I used food to teach fractions, earth science, and to comfort myself in a time of uncertainty. Was I doing the right thing? Was I going to ruin my son? By the end of my first year homeschooling I was headed in the wrong direction.

I was back in the red zone at 185 and my size 8s no longer fit. I was quickly headed back to size 14 and hated it.

The following year was just as stressful and included selling our 2600 square foot house with a home gym and into a 1200 square foot apartment. The week we moved into the apartment, I vowed to work out each morning in the apartment gym and we bought an X Bike from Craigslist. I struggled. I needed something systematic that hit all muscle groups, but I wasn't ready for P90X.

I also needed something outside of work, my husband, and my kid.

Enter Terri DeVore on Twitter. I am not sure why her Tweet popped up. I primarily use Twitter to keep up on trends in education, but I "liked" her tweet about becoming a Beach Body Coach. It wasn't long before she contacted me on Facebook.

Before I knew it, I had purchased the 21 Day Fix and became a coach. It clicked. For me to be successful, it has to become a part of my life. I have to be accountable to myself and others. I am best at something when I am encouraging others.

Terri instantly taught me how to turn my passion for fitness and health into a business. We run our team with integrity and our ultimate goal is to help others be the best they can be.Our team shares strategies, competes for prizes, and works together to build our businesses.

The best part? I love when my clients email me and share their success and enthusiasm for fitness.

Each morning after my workout,  I check my Beach Body coach facebook page and smile, get inspired, or gain momentum for my day.

Interest in making money while you improve your own health and fitness? Fill out the application below and listen for your phone to ring. Happy to share the opportunity!