Arrange Your World For Success

This is my fifth blog post in the SMART skills blog series. Using these skills helped me go from 260-165. I work on these skills every day. If you want help becoming or staying fit and healthy email me!

Arranging your world for success may be the number one important thing to do. It is the best way to set yourself up to be successful. 

Make it as easy as possible for yourself to reach your workout goals:

Empty and refill your bag as soon as you get home
If you work out in the morning, set out all clothing, videos, equipment or headphones that you require the night before. I sleep in my workout clothes, yes I do. I feel like a major dumbass if I have to take off my gym clothes without working out!

 If you are driving to the gym, make sure your makeup, deodorant and underwear is in your gym bag. (Yes, I have forgotten my undies before). Put your gym bag in YOUR CAR so that even if you bail on your workout, it forces you to get out of bed no matter what. Chances are if you get out of bed and go out to the car, you will end up getting in your car and going!

If you work out in the evening, plan ahead what everybody else will be doing while you work out. Get the kids a special video, pre cook their dinner, schedule the evening so that YOU get what you need.

Plan workouts that work! Going to the gym or going for a walk without a plan is not a good way to maximize your workouts. Purchase a systematic program from Beach Body or find a program online that will work for you.

Create a "safe" kitchen to help you reach your nutrition goals:

My boys helping me prep!
I place all of my prepared meals in one section. Nobody else eats from this section of the fridge and I don't open their drawers.

Each week, make a list, shop, and prep your food. If it is ready, then you can reach in and grab a healthy choice without having to think. No thinking means less opportunity for you to lie to yourself or grab the wrong thing.

Create a "safe" work space:

Clean our your desk drawers. Place an extra Shakeology shake in your desk drawers for emergencies. Recognize what activities or parts of the day are the most stressful. Plan a 10 minute walk for that time of day or after that activity.

Create "Rules" for yourself. 

My number one rule on the weekends is, NO taking a shower before I workout. That means I walk around town greasy and gross until I force myself to work out. It is too easy to hang out on the couch or spend the day shopping and skip my workout if I take a shower before working out.

During the week, I don't eat anything at work that I do not bring from home. This prevents me from eating goodies that my staff brings in.

Arranging your world helps you feel in control and responsible for your own health and fitness!