Join the Getting Fit and Staying Fit Challenge Group!

I went from overweight mom...

to fit, healthy, and happy. It isn't rocket science. 

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Step 1: COMMIT 1 hour a day EVERY day for 30 days:
30 minutes to work out
20 minutes to prep and pack your food
10 minutes to check the private Facebook page and participate in our group!

Step 2: Decide on a program that will meet your goals and interests. You can choose any Beach Body program. For those who are busy, try the 21 Day Fix or the P90X3. Both of them require 30 minutes a day. Perfect for busy people! Visit my Beach Body website or watch the videos below to determine what might be the right choice for you!

Step 3: Visit my Beach Body store to purchase your program and choose me as your coach! Coach number 598461, Coach K Spall.  Then, take your before picture and get ready for big changes!

P90X3 for fans of Tony Horton. 

21 Day Fix: For Those Who are Looking For Fitness and an EASY nutrition program based on portion control!