Documenting to Prepare for Success

This is the third post in a series of thoughts about the SMART skills. The skills that helped me lose and keep off weight. It is not just about eating less, but building a life and mindset that keeps you fit and happy.

Monitor. Keep track. Write it down. 
These things keep you honest. They keep you on track. It gives you a record.

You never need a record until you do and you didn't keep one. I did not take my own measurements before I lost close to 100 pounds. I took pictures, I knew what I weighed. But, I wish I had taken measurements so that I could have a solid number of inches lost. 

Before starting 21 Day Fix, I took my measurements and I was glad I did. Because the scale is not budging, but my pants are looser.Since I have measurements, I also have black and white proof that my mind is not playing tricks on me. It has kept me going even when the scale doesn't. 

When I look at my calendar and see all the workouts that I have done over the pasts 41 days, it makes it easier to finish the last workout on the 42nd days instead of skipping it. Who would want to break that streak?

Last weekend, I splurged and ate sashimi with real soy sauce. I had a cocktail. I had movie popcorn. Guess who I felt and guess what the scale said days later? UGH. Why? Why? I asked myself. sauce? Popcorn? SALT!! I could breathe again. Water weight, bloating. It will go away.

When I hit a plateau the first thing I do is go back and read what I ate the previous week and then write down what I plan to eat each day of the following week. It allows me to eliminate mistakes and prepare for the week. When I know what I will eat, I know what I need to buy at the grocery store and prep ahead of time. NO excuses!

What do you need to write down to be successful? What do you want to write down so that you can remember where you began?

If you want an accountability partner or coach, contact me. I am a beach body coach and cheerleader! I love helping people find what works for them.