Goal Setting: Don't Sabotage Yourself

This is part 2 in my SMART skills blogging series. These skills helped me go from  260-166! They are essential to losing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

There are three rules to goal setting. Be specific, make it measurable, and make it attainable.

Specific: How many? Where? 
I will write down what I am going to eat and prep all of my food by 9:00 at night.

Measurable: How much? How many days? By what time?

I will complete the scheduled Fix workout video by 5:00 each day.
I will walk 3 miles before leaving for work each morning
I will eat only what I bring to work 5 days a week.

Attainable: If you are sick of "failing" to meet your goals. Start out by making your bar so low that you can't help but succeed. Success breeds success. As you gain confidence make them more difficult to attain.

I will complete a minimum of 30 seconds of ach 60 second interval.
I will do my first push up on my feet before going to be knees.

Then, write your goals down. Share them with the challenge group. Share them on facebook or with your spouse.

Notice, there are NO weight goals. These are all behavioral goals. If you design behavioral goals that will change your fitness, weight, and life the results will be weight loss and a healthy life.  A change of behavior is the only way to attain and sustain weight loss!