Week 4 of 21 Day Fix and no movement for five days. 

The first three weeks went well. I lost inches and 5 pounds. I could already see the changes in my body. Seeing the same weight bothered me. I knew I was working hard, eating clean, and dedicated to change. 

I started scouring the web for solutions and created the plan below.

  • Refocus on nutrition. I returned to the 21 Day Fix basics and re read the  materials.
  • Chose foods from the top third of each container list.
  • Went back to measuring everything that went in my mouth.
  • Eliminated tastes and licks.
  • Returned to eating PB2 instead of natural peanut butter.
  • Upped my weights, speed, and reps whenever possible.
  • Forced myself to drink more water.
  • Dropped bread as carbs and went back to brown rice or quinoa for carbs.
  • Drank Shakeology instead of other protein powders.
  • Slept more
On Saturday I weighed 177.1. The exact amount that my scale showed for 5 days. This morning is Thursday and finally, 175.1. I can breathe. My next step?

Do not stop! I want to stay on the path that got me past the plateau. I have 10 pounds until I reach my first weight goal. I will make it.

If you are stuck on a weight loss plateau or need to get started on a fitness journey, contact me! I am a Beach Body Coach on my own fitness journey.