Recruit Your Team for Weight Loss and Fitness

This is the fourth post in a series about the SMART skills I utilized to go from 260-166. Check out my webpage for more information about the programs I use to keep fit.

So you want to lose weight? Recruit your team. People want to help and if they don't then, plan on that, too.

One of two things will happen when you ask for help. Most people will gladly help. With these people:

a. Be specific with what you need from them. "I need you to keep the cookies and ice cream in the garage freezer" My biggest request for my husband, "Take all that crap to work!". The next time I visited James at work, I discovered his cache of cookies in his desk drawer.

b. Appreciate their help. If you have asked them to hid the cookies, don't get mad at them when they do. When your spouse prompts you to go work out, do not shoot them a dirty look.

c. Be clear when your goals change or if what you need changes. They can not read your mind or infer these changes from your mood. Be clear and communicate.

For those who aren't on board and don't want to help:

a. Don't be judgy. The worse thing you can do is turn it around on them and accuse them of not loving you, not caring, or pointing out their health or fitness problems. They are being honest with you.

b. Work around their role in your life: If this person is someone who has control over your meals, take control over your meals. Cook and prep for yourself.  If your spouse needs your help with the kids in the afternoon, work out in the morning or after the kids go to bed.

c. Be sensitive to how your changes may effect these people. Is your spouse concerned about you spending time away from the family? Is your best friend annoyed because your favorite thing to do is drink at pubs? You may have to renegotiate some relationships and make an effort to keep a connection to those who matter to you, but traditionally fed into an unhealthy lifestyle.

To help find the right program for you and help with motivation and accountability add me to your team! Email me below or contact me on facebook!