Reward really DO IT

This is my sixth post n the blog series about the SMART skills that took me from 260-166 pounds. Contact me if you want help on your path to fitness!

Rewarding yourself does not always come easy, but it is important to recognize the small steps we take in our journey.

Reward behavior not weight.

 Why? The scale does not always show how much progress we have made. So instead of rewarding a loss of 5 pounds, reward:

- doing 5 more burpees
- staying on your food program 100%
- writing down everything you eat
- walking 10 more minutes that the day before
- waking up and working out 5/7 days.

How to reward yourself

Do NOT reward yourself with food! You are not a dog! If you want to have a cheat meal, plan for it. 

What is it you enjoy the most? Manicure, new outfit, or a new song from iTunes? Do it or buy it.

Keep it cheap or free! If you are going to reward yourself after each goal, you can't always buy something. My favorite reward is a hot bath with my iPad and Pinterest. Robert calls it taking a bath  "mommy style".

Put a dollar in a jar every time you reach one of your mini goals. When the jar is full, take out the money and do something totally selfish with it!

Recognizing your achievements feels good, but having something to reach towards may also help motivate you when you are weak! Keep a reminder of your reward on your office desk and on the refrigerator!