Skills For Weight Loss

One of the key components of my initial weight loss was learning to use the SMART skills. I suggest you read the book Living SMART, but below is the quick and dirty version of how I use the skills in weight loss.

I will be including these skills as a way of making Beach Body fitness a part of your life, instead of  a fad diet! I hope all of my participants use the workouts and nutrition plans to change their lives, not just to lose 10 pounds and gain it back!

Skills we focus on:

Set a specific goal that is measurable and attainable. 
Monitor your progress and write it down!
Arrange your world for success by scheduling the activities that will support your goal and removing physical/emotional barriers to success.
Recruit a support team that will help you monitor, arrange your world, and reward you when you have done well. For many people, this is a difficult part and the reason that we have Challenge Groups!
Treat yourself. Yes, treat yourself. It does not have to cost money and should not interfere with your overall goals!

It has only been since I have refocused on these skills has my weight stabilized and has started to go down, again. I feel healthier, happier and more fit.

If you are looking for a way to get fit, lose weight, or need a systematic approach to both email me for help! My Challenge groups are full of positive people who are in it together!

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