The Cost of Getting Fit

Now that I am starting to show my weight loss, people are asking  me what program I am using and what it costs. 

That is the easy part. I pay $115 a month for my Shakeology delivery. The 21 Day Fix only cost me
an extra $25 the first month. You can read my blog about getting a huge discount on The Fix  and Shakeology here.

What people don't  think about are the other costs.

Social Events: Most of my (adult) social events center around food and drink. A typical girl's night out with my friends was a brewery and burgers. Making a commitment to health meant that was not an option. Instead, I found a brewery that didn't have a kitchen and instead brings in food trucks. This also meant that I could bring my own food, and I did. Fruit, veges, hummus, and almonds. My friend loved it! I still had a beer, but just one and I didn't feel deprived. The next day, there was no weight gain or guilty feelings.

Date Nights: I love food and wine. Nothing better than a rare steak and vegetables covered in butter. Shortly after I started The 21 Day Fix was Valentines Day, my birthday, our 10 year anniversary and my husband's birthday. The big steak meal was not going to help me get to my goals. I passed and you know what? It didn't really matter to me. After each "pass" I noticed I could do more burpees or felt stronger. We are now more likely to go out and order Sashimi than calorie laden rolls with tempura fried shrimp in the middle.

There were gains that I was not expecting.

I mean, I expected to feel better about myself and fit into my clothes again.

I wasn't expecting to gain 30  minutes of my day back. I had been spending about an hour in the gym. Initially, I was worried that the 30 minute workouts would not be enough compared to what I was doing. However, the 30 minute workouts are based on HIIT. This means that you kick ass for 60 seconds and then rest for 15. Each day focuses on something different. Even though I was spending less time at the gym I was getting more results.

I also gained a sense of pride. To be able to say "no" and take time for myself, to take care of what I needed was a huge boost to my overall mood and attitude.

People wanted to join me. After I mentioned on Facebook that I was starting the 21 Day Fix, two of my friends went online and bought it. I didn't expect that being a Beach Body coach would result in being part of a super supportive group of women online, but really my Challenge Group has motivated me way  more then I ever thought they would! They are funny and real. When I am not in the mood to stay motivated, one of them always posts something that lights the fire.

If you are interested in "paying" for the gains you can get, email me. I am happy to help you get started.