Fitting It All In! How I Manage To Home School, Work, and Take Care of Myself

It is 4:52 pm by this time of day I  have worked out, home schooled my 8 year old son, solved a testing nightmare at my part time job as a school administrator, and got some laundry done. I still need to prep for tomorrow and take the dog to the dog park. I get a lot done in my day. Here is a quick look at how I do it.

Sunday Funday? Sunday is the day that I set myself up for success. I get up and work out. Notice, I did not say get dressed. I sleep with my workout clothes on. Yeah, real sexy...huh? This is one part of my day that never changes. In fact, I don't let myself shower until I have worked out.

30 minutes of intensity makes me sweaty. Lifting weights pushes out the stress of the day before. Shower and Safeway are my next two tasks.

BBQ Prep

I shop on the outside of the story. Eating real food makes grocery shopping easy. If it comes in a box, probably not going to need it.

Later that day, my husband and I prep everything and prepare all of our  snacks, lunches, and dinners for the next three days. Three days seems to be that magical number when things are still fresh and taste good. We pack our breakfasts and lunch for the next day.

Vege Prep
I  also prep my son's work for the week. I use some purchased curriculum, but I mostly create it on my own. .I put my lesson plans on a Google Doc so that I can easily share it with his Educational Advisor every two weeks. I can also use it to link to videos, documents, and assignments.It is my way of keeping us on track and making sure that my son's education doesn't lose out to my busy schedule.

Bedtime at my house is about 7:00. Wait, 7:00 you say? Yes. At 7:00 all electronics go off and all three of us snuggle in our bed to watch out favorite TV shows. I doze off about 8:00. At that point, my son goes to his room to quietly play Legos, draw, or read. He puts himself to bed at 9:00

Or at least we thought he did. Then, one night I woke up to pee at 11:45 and discovered his light was still on and he was in the middle of an epic Lego battle. Since that time, we are working on setting an alarm to remind him to go to bed.

After Day 1 P90X3
I wake up at 3:30...I mean James wakes me up at 3:30. We drink a pre workout supplement and then take the dog to the park. After that we hit the gym. Right now we are doing P90X3 together. After that, shower, dress and breakfast. My favorite right now is Peanut Butter Chocolate Shakeology!

After James leaves for work, I sit down and put on my coaching hat. I contact potential members, update my Challenge Facebook pages, check on the progress of my members and  read about new products and offers.

Robert wakes up about 7:00 am, and wanders down for breakfast. After breakfast we start with his journals. He journals, I blog. No TV or electronics until his work is done! Most days are pretty smooth, we have hit our groove by this time of year.  He likes to get his work out of the way before I leave for work. That way he can have fun with Grandpa or Grandma. while I am gone.

I work  as a charter school administrator. My program supports homeschooling families with on site classes and Educational Advisors. When I am there I am "on". Think of it as one part Vice Principal, one part janitor, and one part noon duty aide. Since I pack  my food, I don't have to go out to lunch or fall prey to Teacher Room Goodies.

Robert takes several classes at my site, so often by the end of the day we are both there, tired, hungry and a little bit cranky. When we get home, I am thankful for the prepped meals we have. It is easy to pull out of the refrigerator. If I get stuck at work, I will have another Shakeology to tide me over.

Once or twice a week, I drive Robert to an evening activity. I try to keep these to a minimum. Right now he is in a Shooting Club and Boy Scouts. Keeping a balance between his activities, our work, and our activities is something we pay close attention to.

Friday Night and Saturday
By the end of the week, I am physically and emotionally tired. The workout remains and I am still eating real foods that I prep and pack.
James and Robert Spent
Saturday Playing Inverness

Friday, Robert's work tends to be lighter and we finish up whatever has not gotten done. I put all of the homeschooling things away before I leave for work and pick up anything that is out of place. James starts laundry before going to work and we slowly get through it by Saturday night.

I try to keep Saturday empty of plans. In the morning we clean the house. If we need to relax, we relax. If James and I need alone time, we get a sitter and go out. Saturday is about doing what we feel like doing not what we have to do.

It might seem busy, but we made the decision to home school, work, be fit, and spend time as a couple. The only way we have found to make it work and be happy is to use every minute.