If Your Primary Focus is Food

When I started my weight loss journey, I could not focus on food, working out, work, and my family all at once. I had to focus on reducing my caloric intake, first.

I suggest the following Beach Body products if you are going to start with weight loss and build from there.

a. Shakeology: Packed full of nutrition and a no brainer. It is one meal of a day that is all nutrition, no prep work, and tastes good.  Order the subscription so that it is automatically delivered to your door. Remember, keep it easy and simple!

b. Portion Fix: This system comes with simple portion control containers. Each container corresponds to a food group and is designed to deliver just the right amount of food. The nutrition guide lays out how much you eat each day. You spend time on Saturday or Sunday prepping your food and then use the containers as "scoops" during the week. No foods are off limits. However, to get the best and fastest results choose from the provided food lists.

These two products are simple. They are effective. However, they are not magic.

That is why I insist that all of my clients also join my Challenge Group. Challenge groups are like minded people who are all working on different fitness and weight goals, but keep each other motivated and accountable.

I  lead my groups with SMART skills in mind.  These skills are specific ways that you can set up your life for success.

I look forward to help you reach your goals!