James' Go To Meals for a Weekday

I pack my food each morning for breakfast, work, and sometimes dinner. Why? I get up at 4:00 am to work out with Kirsten, shower, and head out the door by 5:15 and it is just too early for me to eat.

Before heading to the gym, I use Beach Body's Energy and Endurance Formula. I will be switching to their new Beach Body Supplement formula that is coming out soon.

The rest of my meals are portioned using the Portion Fix program.

Morning Shakeology: (1 red) This  gets me going after my workout. Quick and easy. One scoop of Vanilla Shakeology and one squirt of Mio Orange flavor. It ends up tasting like an orange creamsicle.

Breakfast Sandwich: (2 red, 1 yellow)Two eggs, a dash of Spicy Mrs. Dash seasoning, Jennie Turkey Breakfast Patties, an English muffin and cilantro. I spray a small plastic container with cooking spray, then add two eggs, chopped cilantro, and Mrs. Dash. I close and shake. Then, in a ziplock bag I put an English Muffin and two cooked sausage patties. At work, I microwave the eggs for 1 1/2 minutes and toast the English muffin. Assemble after heating.

Taco Salad Lunch: Two green containers of lettuce, 1/2 green container of shredded carrots,1/2 green container of chopped tomato, one yellow container of pinto beans, one red container of cooked chicken, chopped cilantro, Mrs Dash, one charred pepper,  and some Taco Bell Hot Sauce!

In one container I put the lettuce. Everything else goes in a second container. This container gets heated at work and poured over the lettuce. Between the tomato and Taco Bell sauce no dressing is needed.

Dinner: (1 red, 2-3 green, 1 yellow) By the time I get home, I am starving. Luckily, we keep barbecued chicken in the refrigerator. I start with a salad. Then, heat up a scoop of chicken with sugar free BBQ sauce on it and mix with one yellow scoop of rice or quinoa. Finally, I might add in a Green of Broccoli.

Dinner on the go is not as nice. But, every Monday night I pick up Robert and take him out to Lincoln for the Junior Shooting Club. On those nights, I pack myself a simple sandwich, baby carrots and an apple. (1yellow, 1 red, 1 green) I use spicy mustard and avocado to replace mayonnaise.

Two full purple containers of fruit and half a banana or pear get me through the day and my fruit taken care of. I also pack plenty of baby carrots. These snacks replaced my bags of chips and cookies. Fruit seems super expensive at the grocery store, but considering what we used to spend on chips, cookies, and protein bars for my snacks, I don't question the value.

At night I might have a second chocolate Shakeology , unsweeted Almond Milk, and peanut butter in it for a chocolate peanut shake.

Prepping for the Week: So how do I pack all of my food every day? We do a ton of prep on Sundays. It starts on Saturday night when Kirsten uses the crock pot to soak and cook dried pinto beans. They are much cheaper and have no salt in them.

Then she marinates skinless, boneless chicken breasts three different ways. The first is with garlic, Mrs Dash, and balsamic vinegar. The second, is with salsa and Spicy Mrs Dash. The final flavor is new, Sugar Free BBQ sauce.

Sunday morning,  we wash and cut the fruit and lettuce. Fruit like grapes stay on their vines. Strawberries only get their tops cut off. All tupperware gets a piece of paper towel in the bottom to absorb any extra moisture.

Then, we bbq the chicken and throw some small peppers on the grill to char. We slightly under cook the chicken. YES, we know about salmonella.  By the time the chicken completely cools and then after we reheat it at work, it is fully cooked. We hate dry chicken! Once fully cooled, all chicken gets cut up into little squares so that they are easier to measure with the containers.

This makes my daily breakfast, lunch and dinner prep extremely easy. When I get home from work, I clean out my lunch bag and prep for the next day in under ten minutes.

Cooking dinner takes just as long because everything is ready to go, it just has to be combined and reheated.

With a fridge full of prepped, healthy food it is easier to grab something good for us than cook something that will not help us reach out goals.