Life Changes and So Must We...Even if it Pisses Her Off

This is the second blog post that James and I are co writing. IF you missed "Getting Fit When Your Partner is Getting Pissed" Check that out first. I was a reluctant workout wife. James has always kept moving silently and slowly forward, despite my attitudes and griping. His own journey has become a model for my own.

K:Life was good and we bought a great house. It was big enough for James to have his own home gym.

J: I was so excited. My own room, no more dark, cold  garage in the morning. I was surprised that she agreed. I guessed that Kirsten now understand the importance of working out and fitness. Her only caviate was to keep it clean. 

K:It makes my laugh that James thought I had an epiphany about how important fitness is. Really, I saw the home gym as a way of getting him to stay at home and work out so that I could go to California Fitness, go to Target, and have time away from home. What he doesn't seem to remember was that I didn't want him to spend money on new equipment or programs.

J:I installed a pull up bar in the ceiling and flat screen in the corner.For Christmas I asked for and received The Beast program, a bench and a curl bar from my parents.

K:Fast forward two years. Robert just finished what we like to call, "The year of Kindergarten Hell". I quit my full time job to homeschool our son and started working part time as a school administrator. I quickly packed on 15 pounds. The next year, we decided to continue homeschooling and had to sell our house and home gym to move into a much smaller apartment. James, ever my consistent strength, invited me to work out with him the first morning we woke up in our apartment.

J:She surprised me. She came with me before the crack of dawn and got all hot and sweaty with me at the community gym it was awesome! It has become our little routine, to get up and work out, before the world wakes up and makes demands on us.  
K:Today we started P90X3. I complained and found every reason why I couldn't do it. James didn't criticize or argue. He did wake up at 3:30, take the dog to the dog park, wake me up, carry the band to the gym for me, set up the band so that I could do it the program with modifications, and started the dvd.