Taking Weekends Two At a Time for Weight Loss Success

If I had waited to lose weight until I had a full 12 weeks without birthdays, parties, family get togethers, or work lunches I never would have started. In fact, I started getting serious about my weight loss in October, right before all the  major holidays. I discovered a few tricks to help. 

First, I always know if I am trying to lose weight or trying to maintain my weight. There is a difference. There is no judgement.

If I am trying to lose weight:

I say no to any food NOT on plan for two weekends at a time. After those two weekends, I can re evaluate my lose weight or maintain weight status. There is no wiggle room here. If I am trying to seriously lose weight than I must stay on plan. This means no alcohol, rich desserts.

How do I do it? I tell everyone there that I am using the 21 Day Fix to lose weight. It helps to stay away from things not on plan if I think people are watching me. 

I bring my own food. Yep, I pack what I would have eaten normally. Then, I either eat it right before I walk into the event or right after the event. Depending on the event, I might just bring it with me. My family knows that I may bring my own food and they don't care. If we are eating out,  I order Diet Coke and a salad that fits on my food plan. 

If it is a brunch or large potluck, I bring more than one dish that I can eat without breaking program. I make sure to take only the food I bring and eat it in portioned amounts.

I always have a Shakeology packet in my purse. I am not afraid to pull it out if I get stuck somewhere.

This is not deprivation, This is discipline and it is only two weeks. I literally tell myself, "Suck it up Buttercup".

Yes it is hard and yes it does suck, but at the end of two weeks when I have lost the weight and feel empowered because I was able to say  no, it pushes me towards more weight loss. 

You can do anything for two weeks.