Weekly Grocery Store List

Prep is essential for success and it starts in the grocery store. My next challenge group starts in eleven days. Next weekend, my friends will be facing the challenge of grocery shopping for fuel instead of food. We eat to live. What we put into our bodies matters!

Weekly Grocery List
boneless, skinless chicken breast, ground turkey,avocadoes, lettuce, shredded carrots, baby carrots
seasonal fruit,frozen broccoli*, baby bell peppers chickpeas*,Tahini,garlic ,almond milk*eggs, lots of eggs*,whole wheat bread,whole grain rice or quinoa*, english muffins, turkey sausage patties
lean lunch meat, and Mio Orange Vanilla water flavoring*

Must Haves:
Shakeology,sugar free bbq sauce*,Mrs Dash Flavoring (salt free)*,olive oil*,virgin coconut oil,natural peanut butter*,dried pinto beans*,coffee,sunflower seeds
** these items will last a long time in your pantry or are cheaper in bulk.

What I don't buy
Buying pinto beans this way allows
 me to lower my cost to pennies
Chips, candy, baked goods, ice cream, protein bars, or anything else that isn't a real food. Yes, it sucked for my son and husband at first. There were some cranky days at my house. However, they don't need that crap either. Now that I have better self control, I do keep Goldfish in the house. However, Robert has also lot weight and is healthier. James and I now do the Portion Fix together and he has lost 16 pounds.

What May Surprise You
I still buy and drink Diet Pepsi. I know, I know. It is horrible for my teeth and my body. It is the one thing I keep in my diet from my previous diet!

Ways to Stay Frugal

Shakeology: There are lots of protein shakes out there. Shakeology makes me feel more energetic and has high quality ingredients. I have gotten the price down to about $4.00. Seem expensive? I used to spend over $5.00 on a latte coffee drink or $10.00 on lunch out. Since I use Shakeology as a meal, I don't have to feel guilty.

Don't Let Food Go Bad: I clean and fully dry fruit/veges. I also place a paper towel in the tupperware container with them to collect excess moisture. I never cut strawberries until needed and I  keep grapes on the stem until the night before I plan to eat them. When my bananas start to go bad or I can't get through all of the strawberries, I freeze them to use in shakes.

$2.50 for this package
which will become four meals
for me.
Beans: We used to buy canned beans. Now, I buy them dry and cook up a batch in my crockpot overnight. I throw in some Mrs Dash and garlic. It keeps me on control of the salt content and they are SUPER SUPER cheap. They stay good all week. I throw an egg in them for breakfast. James uses them in his lunches. Robert likes bean and cheese burritos.

Hummus: This is part of my daily snack. I don't care for vegetables, but if I can dip the veges in hummus I like it. Hummus is expensive so I started making my own on Sundays. It doesn't take long and it is much cheaper than buying it. It lasts all week in the fridge. It is also a lot cheaper at Costco.

Deals on Meat: Friday mornings seems to be the day that Safeway puts its mean on sale. After speaking to the butcher, I discovered that the ground turkey and chicken breasts can be frozen for several months even after they are on discount. This week I picked up a ton of chicken for 1.50 a pound and packages of ground turkey for 50% off. I know we will eat it, so when I see it I stock up and freeze immediately.