Tandem Fitness and Weight Loss

Yesterday, James and I ended up kidless. What to do? We ended up spending the hot Sacramento Sunday evening riding a tandem bicycle.

If you have ever ridden on the back of a tandem bike, you know that there is an unspoken agreement that you will follow whoever is in front. You will slow when they slow and lean when they turn. If you don't it is a disaster for both of you. I could not see in front of me, but had to be satisfied with looking side to side while pedaling ahead.

I am not a wife who naturally follows her husband's lead. (Cue the snickering of people who know me and know what an understatement that is) I purposely resisted any back seat driving, pedaled hard, and let him lead. When sweat trickled down, I resisted requesting a rest and when I saw an old house I wanted to check out on the left, but he turned right I leaned his way and looked in a new direction.

Being out of control left me a lot of time to think. No decisions to make meant no prepping in my mind or analyzing. It made me hyper aware of how many decisions I make each day. How often I over examine and analyze things.

This morning, when I was trying to figure our breakfast and menu for the day, I pulled out my nutrition program guide and flipped to the back section that contains menus with 3 options for each meal and snack. They are simple. Nothing fancy. I chose eggs, oatmeal, and apples. I didn't have to think or argue. First snack of the day, I did the same thing. Flipped to the back and chose Shakeology and 2 tsp of natural peanut butter. Again, no prep or thinking or analyzing.

In a sense, I spent most of today surrendering to the ride. I followed Autumn's workout without questioning. I just did it the best that I could. I drank the water that the program dictated. Every three hours or so , I open the book and choose one of the options.

It hasn't been easy. There were definately times when I wanted to turn right and eat an english muffin instead of oatmeal or bread instead of a yam. But I had already accepted that I would follow the sample meal program. I would choose the items closer to the top of each food list to allow myself to reach the best results possible for the week.

When I am in the "front seat" of diet and fitness I tend to be too lenient with myself, choose from the bottom of the list. I follow a path based on what I want to do, not necessarily what will make for the best journey or get me to my destination in the most efficient way.

When James turned right, away from things I wanted to see, we discovered new streets and different things to look at. We backtracked to check out a bar made out of shipping containers because of his interests. Two blocks away, I saw a cute little white Victorian tucked away that had incredible windows and architecture.

Letting others sit up front is often one path to making life easier. Release some control and trust the process. Follow the nutrition plan. Do your work outs and you just might see something new!

Mindful Choices

I wanted to share something that happened to me yesterday :) I woke up with a headache. You know, the "I cried really hard last night" headache when your eyes hurt, too? My knees hurt and I had gone to
sleep way too late the night before. I put on my shoes and headed downstairs to workout with James. I could barely move. Even my windmills were pitiful. I told myself just to get through the warm up.

One of the rules I have for myself is that I always get up, get dressed, and do the first five inutes of my workout. 99.9% of the time, after the warmup my body and mind cooperate. I can get through the rest. Not this time.

After the warm up I turned off the video and went back to bed. But here is the key.... I did not judge myself or get mad. I recognized that my body and mind were telling me to rest. I rested. Had a great day with my family in San Fran and came home, relaxed and happy.

James put pizza in the oven for dinner. I thought back to the burrito/taco and breakfast I had splurged on in SF. I took a bite of pizza and put it back on the counter. Then, I went down to the gym and did my leg workout. I came back and had a salad and a grilled chicken breast for dinner.

I relate this story to you because the hardest part was making the choice not to work out and NOT beating myself up over it. If I had spent the day hating myself it would have ruined the day with my family and I would have drowned my misery in pizza.

Making a mindful choice and accepting it allows you to move forward without punishing yourself!

Grocery List

Weekly Grocery Store List

Prep is essential for success and it starts in the grocery store. My next challenge group starts in eleven days. Next weekend, my friends will be facing the challenge of grocery shopping for fuel instead of food. We eat to live. What we put into our bodies matters!

Weekly Grocery List
boneless, skinless chicken breast, ground turkey,avocadoes, lettuce, shredded carrots, baby carrots
seasonal fruit,frozen broccoli*, baby bell peppers chickpeas*,Tahini,garlic ,almond milk*eggs, lots of eggs*,whole wheat bread,whole grain rice or quinoa*, english muffins, turkey sausage patties
lean lunch meat, and Mio Orange Vanilla water flavoring* steel cut oatmeal

Must Haves:
Shakeology,sugar free bbq sauce*,Mrs Dash Flavoring (salt free)*,olive oil*,virgin coconut oil,natural peanut butter*,dried pinto beans*,coffee,sunflower seeds
** these items will last a long time in your pantry or are cheaper in bulk.

What I don't buy
Buying pinto beans this way allows
 me to lower my cost to pennies
Chips, candy, baked goods, ice cream, protein bars, or anything else that isn't a real food. Yes, it sucked for my son and husband at first. There were some cranky days at my house. However, they don't need that crap either. Now that I have better self control, I do keep Goldfish in the house. However, Robert has also lot weight and is healthier. James and I now do the Portion Fix together and he has lost 16 pounds.

What May Surprise You
I still buy and drink Diet Pepsi. I know, I know. It is horrible for my teeth and my body. It is the one thing I keep in my diet from my previous diet!

Ways to Stay Frugal

Shakeology: There are lots of protein shakes out there. Shakeology makes me feel more energetic and has high quality ingredients. I have gotten the price down to about $4.00. Seem expensive? I used to spend over $5.00 on a latte coffee drink or $10.00 on lunch out. Since I use Shakeology as a meal, I don't have to feel guilty.

Don't Let Food Go Bad: I clean and fully dry fruit/veges. I also place a paper towel in the tupperware container with them to collect excess moisture. I never cut strawberries until needed and I  keep grapes on the stem until the night before I plan to eat them. When my bananas start to go bad or I can't get through all of the strawberries, I freeze them to use in shakes.

$2.50 for this package
which will become four meals
for me.
Beans: We used to buy canned beans. Now, I buy them dry and cook up a batch in my crockpot overnight. I throw in some Mrs Dash and garlic. It keeps me on control of the salt content and they are SUPER SUPER cheap. They stay good all week. I throw an egg in them for breakfast. James uses them in his lunches. Robert likes bean and cheese burritos.

Hummus: This is part of my daily snack. I don't care for vegetables, but if I can dip the veges in hummus I like it. Hummus is expensive so I started making my own on Sundays. It doesn't take long and it is much cheaper than buying it. It lasts all week in the fridge. It is also a lot cheaper at Costco.

Deals on Meat: Friday mornings seems to be the day that Safeway puts its mean on sale. After speaking to the butcher, I discovered that the ground turkey and chicken breasts can be frozen for several months even after they are on discount. This week I picked up a ton of chicken for 1.50 a pound and packages of ground turkey for 50% off. I know we will eat it, so when I see it I stock up and freeze immediately.

BeachBody's Military Discount Program

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How I Eat All Morning

I wake up at 3:30...hungry and tired. My morning food routine was not working for me. I was drinking an energy drink the morning and it was starting to make me nauseous and causing a crash mid morning.I was also drinking my Shakeology for recovery, but I have been having ice cream cravings at night and drinking a second Shakeology at night to cure them. I had to change up my morning routine.

After some trial and error, I have stumbled upon a system that works for me.

At 3:30 I roll out of bed and downstairs to brew a cup of coffee. To that I had a tablespoon of non fat milk and one packet of raw sugar.

My Favorite Bread! Nutty and 60
calories a slice.
After my 21 Day Fix 30 minute workout, I throw some water into a pan and two eggs. After my shower and getting dressed, I turn on the burner. By 5:00 I have put on my makeup and started my hair, the eggs are done.

Crack and eat with a little bit of salt and pepper. It takes the edge off and the fat in the yolk is what I really satisfies my hunger.

For the next two hours I finish getting ready, make sure my son's work for the day is ready (we homeschool), take care of the dog, put away the dishes, and answer email. Occasionally, I even get a few minutes to blog.

By 7:00 I am physically hungry, again. Two pieces of toast and two teaspoons of natural peanut butter. I tried the toast with my egg, but I still end up hungry by 7:30. So, I split the meal up. The peanut butter and warm bread feel decadent and fill up my tummy until my  "at work snack" at  10:00 of yogurt and fruit..

I try to eat every 3 hours, but in the morning I get physically  hungry about every 1.5-2 hours. So I don't fight it any more. Fighting it usually ended up with consuming too much before my noon meal and leaves me with nothing substantial for afternoon.

Let me know what works for you!

Traveling and Staying On Target Tips from an IFBB Figure Pro (and My Sister!)

My sister is a busy, working mom of three active kids and an IFBB Figure Pro. Marci is the person who taught me how to pack all of my food each day to stay on track and does the same for herself even when traveling. Our end goals are different, but in this case our methods are the same. I asked her to co write a series of blogs with me about traveling while staying fit. She agreed! Love you Marci.

Traveling and Staying On Target

Traveling can be tricky but it doesn’t have to ruin your progress if you spend a little extra time planning.  When I schedule a trip I look at how many days I will be gone, the time of day I will be driving or flying, what my days will consist of and the city or town I will be staying in and the purpose of my trip.

Choose Your Hotel

If I am able to choose the hotel I look for hotel rooms that have either a small kitchen or mini refrigerator and microwave.

A free breakfast sometimes only means high fat high carb sugary options on a buffet bar so you  must be careful if you think you are going to depend on this for your morning breakfast. I suggest bringing a “just in case” breakfast option.

Traveling with your food is possible
  • Cook your protein in advance and freeze it in ziplocks. Your frozen protein sources act as ice packs to keep other items cold.  I have never had TSA confiscate my frozen protein. They have taken almond butter/peanut butter due to the liquid consistency.
  • Pack your shakes and then pack an extra. Great meal when there are no other options. Nearly every place you go has a water fountain. Don’t forget your shaker!
  • You can pick up silverware or disposable silverware almost from any venue (Starbucks, convenience store)
  • Oatmeal packets for your “just in case” breakfast.
  • There are many fat and carbohydrate food sources when traveling.  Salads, side order of steamed veggies, corn tortillas, travel size peanuts that you can find in all airport, fast food restaurants or convenience stores. Skip the salad dressing or use sparingly if you decided on the side salad.

Fitness: Staying On Track
Know the hotel you are staying in and think about the following:
  • Will I have weights?
  • Does the hotel offer jogging paths or equipment for my room
  • If I will be using Beach Body On Demand, does my hotel have free wifi?
  • If there is not workout room or outside option, can I schedule my workouts so that I am doing active recovery (yoga/pilates on 21 Day Fix) while I am in the hotel?
  • Pack accordingly. Take any workout gear you need including shoes and sports bras. If you have your schedule for the week, decide when you will work out and what you need to do to make it happen.

Whatever you do, don’t go in without a food plan or a fitness plan.