How I Eat All Morning

I wake up at 3:30...hungry and tired. My morning food routine was not working for me. I was drinking an energy drink the morning and it was starting to make me nauseous and causing a crash mid morning.I was also drinking my Shakeology for recovery, but I have been having ice cream cravings at night and drinking a second Shakeology at night to cure them. I had to change up my morning routine.

After some trial and error, I have stumbled upon a system that works for me.

At 3:30 I roll out of bed and downstairs to brew a cup of coffee. To that I had a tablespoon of non fat milk and one packet of raw sugar.

My Favorite Bread! Nutty and 60
calories a slice.
After my 21 Day Fix 30 minute workout, I throw some water into a pan and two eggs. After my shower and getting dressed, I turn on the burner. By 5:00 I have put on my makeup and started my hair, the eggs are done.

Crack and eat with a little bit of salt and pepper. It takes the edge off and the fat in the yolk is what I really satisfies my hunger.

For the next two hours I finish getting ready, make sure my son's work for the day is ready (we homeschool), take care of the dog, put away the dishes, and answer email. Occasionally, I even get a few minutes to blog.

By 7:00 I am physically hungry, again. Two pieces of toast and two teaspoons of natural peanut butter. I tried the toast with my egg, but I still end up hungry by 7:30. So, I split the meal up. The peanut butter and warm bread feel decadent and fill up my tummy until my  "at work snack" at  10:00 of yogurt and fruit..

I try to eat every 3 hours, but in the morning I get physically  hungry about every 1.5-2 hours. So I don't fight it any more. Fighting it usually ended up with consuming too much before my noon meal and leaves me with nothing substantial for afternoon.

Let me know what works for you!