Tandem Fitness and Weight Loss

Yesterday, James and I ended up kidless. What to do? We ended up spending the hot Sacramento Sunday evening riding a tandem bicycle.

If you have ever ridden on the back of a tandem bike, you know that there is an unspoken agreement that you will follow whoever is in front. You will slow when they slow and lean when they turn. If you don't it is a disaster for both of you. I could not see in front of me, but had to be satisfied with looking side to side while pedaling ahead.

I am not a wife who naturally follows her husband's lead. (Cue the snickering of people who know me and know what an understatement that is) I purposely resisted any back seat driving, pedaled hard, and let him lead. When sweat trickled down, I resisted requesting a rest and when I saw an old house I wanted to check out on the left, but he turned right I leaned his way and looked in a new direction.

Being out of control left me a lot of time to think. No decisions to make meant no prepping in my mind or analyzing. It made me hyper aware of how many decisions I make each day. How often I over examine and analyze things.

This morning, when I was trying to figure our breakfast and menu for the day, I pulled out my nutrition program guide and flipped to the back section that contains menus with 3 options for each meal and snack. They are simple. Nothing fancy. I chose eggs, oatmeal, and apples. I didn't have to think or argue. First snack of the day, I did the same thing. Flipped to the back and chose Shakeology and 2 tsp of natural peanut butter. Again, no prep or thinking or analyzing.

In a sense, I spent most of today surrendering to the ride. I followed Autumn's workout without questioning. I just did it the best that I could. I drank the water that the program dictated. Every three hours or so , I open the book and choose one of the options.

It hasn't been easy. There were definately times when I wanted to turn right and eat an english muffin instead of oatmeal or bread instead of a yam. But I had already accepted that I would follow the sample meal program. I would choose the items closer to the top of each food list to allow myself to reach the best results possible for the week.

When I am in the "front seat" of diet and fitness I tend to be too lenient with myself, choose from the bottom of the list. I follow a path based on what I want to do, not necessarily what will make for the best journey or get me to my destination in the most efficient way.

When James turned right, away from things I wanted to see, we discovered new streets and different things to look at. We backtracked to check out a bar made out of shipping containers because of his interests. Two blocks away, I saw a cute little white Victorian tucked away that had incredible windows and architecture.

Letting others sit up front is often one path to making life easier. Release some control and trust the process. Follow the nutrition plan. Do your work outs and you just might see something new!