Traveling and Staying On Target Tips from an IFBB Figure Pro (and My Sister!)

My sister is a busy, working mom of three active kids and an IFBB Figure Pro. Marci is the person who taught me how to pack all of my food each day to stay on track and does the same for herself even when traveling. Our end goals are different, but in this case our methods are the same. I asked her to co write a series of blogs with me about traveling while staying fit. She agreed! Love you Marci.

Traveling and Staying On Target

Traveling can be tricky but it doesn’t have to ruin your progress if you spend a little extra time planning.  When I schedule a trip I look at how many days I will be gone, the time of day I will be driving or flying, what my days will consist of and the city or town I will be staying in and the purpose of my trip.

Choose Your Hotel

If I am able to choose the hotel I look for hotel rooms that have either a small kitchen or mini refrigerator and microwave.

A free breakfast sometimes only means high fat high carb sugary options on a buffet bar so you  must be careful if you think you are going to depend on this for your morning breakfast. I suggest bringing a “just in case” breakfast option.

Traveling with your food is possible
  • Cook your protein in advance and freeze it in ziplocks. Your frozen protein sources act as ice packs to keep other items cold.  I have never had TSA confiscate my frozen protein. They have taken almond butter/peanut butter due to the liquid consistency.
  • Pack your shakes and then pack an extra. Great meal when there are no other options. Nearly every place you go has a water fountain. Don’t forget your shaker!
  • You can pick up silverware or disposable silverware almost from any venue (Starbucks, convenience store)
  • Oatmeal packets for your “just in case” breakfast.
  • There are many fat and carbohydrate food sources when traveling.  Salads, side order of steamed veggies, corn tortillas, travel size peanuts that you can find in all airport, fast food restaurants or convenience stores. Skip the salad dressing or use sparingly if you decided on the side salad.

Fitness: Staying On Track
Know the hotel you are staying in and think about the following:
  • Will I have weights?
  • Does the hotel offer jogging paths or equipment for my room
  • If I will be using Beach Body On Demand, does my hotel have free wifi?
  • If there is not workout room or outside option, can I schedule my workouts so that I am doing active recovery (yoga/pilates on 21 Day Fix) while I am in the hotel?
  • Pack accordingly. Take any workout gear you need including shoes and sports bras. If you have your schedule for the week, decide when you will work out and what you need to do to make it happen.

Whatever you do, don’t go in without a food plan or a fitness plan.