I am Celebrating Making No Progress

Why am I celebrating the fact that I have made no progress?

Of the last 14 days I spent 7 of them on vacation. A vacation where I refused to cook for myself. I spent a ton of time laying on the beach doing nothing but reading. I didn't write down what I ate or keep track of my water.

So what did I do? I did work out 5 of those 7 days using BeachBody's On Demand Streaming feature.

I did gain 5 pounds. 5 pounds. Proof that I indulged in pizza, ice cream, and chips.

That small gain is also proof that I ate the pre-cooked oatmeal that I packed and maintained self control, kept my indulgences to a minimum, chose salad over another option more than once and opted for cocktails without sugary bases.

I am celebrating because on that vacation, I wore a bikini on the beach for the first time in my life.

I am celebrating because the moment I got back home, I prepped my meals for the following week instead of extending my food vacation another 10 days. I woke up this morning and got right back into my fitness routine.

I live in reality land. I knew before the vacation that I would want to indulge in ice cream, rich foods, and alcoholic beverages. If I had set the goal of losing weight while on vacation, I would fail and feel miserable. I had to set a realistic goal that would not take me too far off track, but would also leave room for success.

Being on the 21 Day Fix does not mean a straight path with no turn outs or road blocks. It means understanding your long term goal and charting a path that will take you there.Progress is not always celebrated in inches or weight loss.

Sometimes it is measured in setting realistic goals, accepting small weight gains,and then getting right back on track.

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