I Totally Ignored My Kid Today (and I don't feel guilty)

During the school year I get up and work out at 4:30 with my husband. LOOONG before my son gets up for the day. It is absolutely necessary that I work out before he gets up. I must work out, shower, get ready for work, and get ready to homeschool all before his sleepy eyes open.

During the summer, there is a little bit of a slower pace, but still have to get my work out in, answer work emails, work with my challenge group and get my first meal in before getting him up and ready for camp.

This morning, I didn't roll out of bed until closer to 6:00 and brewed a cup of coffee. I was confident that he would wake up at his normal 7:15, leaving me plenty of time for me to workout before he came downstairs.

Ten minutes in, I heard his feet hit the floor and the toiler roar. "Maybe he will go back to sleep" I hoped as I refocused. No such luck. Pretty soon he was having a one sided argument with the dog about how much space she was taking on the couch.

Normally, I would get his day going by helping him make breakfast, snuggling for a few minutes on the couch, and having some more chit chat while we watched cartoons. Then, get him going on him summer homework.
The view from my workout

This morning, I ignored the "good mom" angel that was on one shoulder and gave into the selfish mom on the other that said, "Ignore him...keep going...it's only 20 more minutes".

"MOM. MOM. cuddles" he stated. I ignored his request, "Dude, if you are hungry you know how to start your breakfast..." I called out as I started the next set.

No movement on the couch.

At the end of the work out, I turned off my phone and sat down next to him.

"You are sweaty and you stink."

"That means I did it right" I replied as I stuffed his face into my armpit. He immediatley jumped up and went into the kitchen.

We were 30 minutes late to camp. The kid didn't care and no one else seemed to either.

 The devil won and so did I.

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