Rules That Keep Me Honest

You would think that being able to sleep in as long as I want is a good thing. Nope. Summer means a huge schedule shift. I do not have the pressure of homeschooling and working. I can sleep in. That means that by the time I get up, my accountability partner has already worked out, showered, and is off to his own job.

Major problem for me. I like to get up, have one or two or three cups of coffee, watch some tv, relax. Then the kid wakes up. We cuddle. Then I am "out of the mood". and I don't want to work out. I promise myself I can do it "Later". Of course that is not as laughable as when I promise myself, "Tomorrow I WILL DO TWO workouts!". hahahaha.

This summer I had to create rules for myself.

1. No showering and dressing until I have worked out. I don't want to sit at home all day in my workout clothes, so this at least ensures that I workout at some point.

2. Two cups of coffee max. This limits the time I spend sitting, relaxing. I can always relax after my workout.

3. Hold myself accountable by tattling on myself. (I know how 1st grade!) I tell someone if I haven't worked out. Either the husband or my  mom and they harass me.

4. Engage with my fitness challenge group each day: How does it help to help others? Because I feel like a complete idiot if I hold my group members accountable if all I have done is sit around all day!

Hope this helps! Think about the "rules" you can create for yourself to overcome getting in your own way!

If you have a hard time holding yourself accountable, I would love to do it! Check out my fitness page at Kirsten Gets Fit and join my team by signing up for a free 30 day membership!