I Got "The Box" Now What?

Woot Woot! You got the box. Now no excuses.

1. Look through the box and make sure you received the DVDs, Portion Fix containers and Nutrition Guide. Double check your Shakeology. Did you get the right flavor?

2. Take your Measurements. DO IT! There will be times when the scale does not budge but your inches do. This video can show you how to do it correctly.

3. Read through the nutrition information with a pen and pencil nearby. Use the formula provided in the nutrition guide to figure out how many of each container you will get each day.

4. Make note of what food in each food list is something that you enjoy eating, already use in your diet, or you would like to try. Start creating your grocery list. At the same time, take note of items that are not on the list. What will you need to get rid of or hide to be successful. The closer to the TOP of the food lists you stay, the better your results.

5. Search the web for ideas. You can find my recipes and grocery lists below:

6. Watch each work out ahead of time (keep the remote with you and fast forward) Keep an eye out for moves that you will need to modify. What equipment do you need? 

7. Decide on a nutrition and workout start day. Schedule your work out each day as a non negotiable. Write it down in ink. Plan your nutrition. What will you eat and when? 

8. Check in to our private Challenge Facebook page daily for challenges, recipes, and accountability!

The Coaching Opportunity

Beachbody Coach Opportunity and Business Costs

Q. What exactly do you do as a BB coach?
Support people in their own fitness journey. I run private, facebook challenge groups to support my clients.. In this challenge group, I help people set goals, plan to meet their goals, and hold them accountable. BB provides you with a daily posting guide so that you are never struggling to help your challenge members. Your most important role as a BB coach is to support those around you! If you are not interested in supporting others, becoming a coach is not for you!

Q. Okay, so I love supporting people. BUT how do I actually make any money? 
In order to run my challenge groups, I need everybody to be speaking the same "language", using the same structured programs so that I can help them focus on behavior instead of 100 different nutrition plans. When a client purchases anything from my BB website, I earn a commission and when my team of coaches does well, a team bonus. To keep my clients purchasing, they must feel supported and get results. So again, supporting your clients is the MOST important job of a coach!

Q. How do I attract people to my new business and know how to approach them? YOU are your greatest marketing asset. Posting images of your own fitness regime, nutrition prep, and journey will draw people to you. They will want to know what you are doing and  how you are doing it. BB also provides a complete set of personal development and business development resources. PLUS, you are provided with a business mentor who is actively building their business. My business mentor. Terri Devore holds weekly team calls, webinars for potential coaches, and is always available for our team. She works this business full time and stays at home with her kiddo! I am a part time coach, who works the business to make some extra money and stay motivated.

Q. How much does it cost to become a Beachbody Coach? A.Typically starting costs are $40  up to $305…it all depends on what products are purchased during the Coach sign up process.  To help support others in the process, you will need to be familiar with at least one of the BB programs. I suggest the 21 Day Fix. It is a complete fitness AND nutrition program. 
For example, I started by ordering the 21 Day Fix. I got my initial coaching fee waived, the entire program, and my first month of Shakeology for $140. I immediately started using the program, posting about it, and sharing my experiences I broke even my first month! So it cost me nothing to start my new business.  I wrote about it here.

Remember, that this cost starts your business, but also includes workout programs you can actually use to improve your own personal health!  

Some of these fees may be a tax deduction. As with any home based business, consult a tax professional.

Q. Is there a recurring monthly fee to be a Beachbody Coach?
A.  Typically if you are someone that is serious about the business, you can expect to pay around $130 a month. This amount includes the $15.95 monthly website maintenance fee, a $2.99 a week Club Membership Charge, and a month’s supply of Shakeology for your own personal use. If you are looking at this as a business opportunity consider these fees the cost of doing business. You are not renting a store front, creating your own website, or creating our own products. This is all done for you!

If you are active duty or retired military, you may qualify for Beachbody's fee waiver program to eliminate the $15.95 fee each month. Read here to find out how.

Do I Have to Make a Quota to get paid?
A. No!  Coaches always qualify for 25% commissions of their retail sales. However, there is a monthly 50 “personal volume” (PV) requirement in order for a Coach to be considered “active” or advance in rank.
Personal volume points can come from a Coach’s own orders, or from any products that they sell. Meeting the 50 PV requirement in order to be considered active is not hard to do. If a Coach is drinking Shakeology, which is 90 PV, that would cover the 50 PV requirement. Or if a Coach had just one Shakeology customer that was on monthly autoship, or made just one P90x sale a month, those scenarios would also cover that monthly PV requirement in order to be considered “active” or advance in rank.
Keep in mind that Coaches are never forced to buy anything just to cover the 50 PV, there is no penalty for not being “active”, however, once a Coach reaches Emerald rank or higher, if they are not “active”, they won’t be eligible to earn team cycle bonuses.
If the PV talk, and rank advancement talk kind of confuses you, don’t worry, that is normal. These are are things you can learn as you go or I can help you understand.
Do I have to handle money? Keep an inventory?
A. No. Customers order directly through your website and pay BeachBody. You get paid weekly based on your volume. You also do not have to invest in inventory. When your customer makes a purchase Beachbody handles delivery. You take care of your clients!
Will I Really Make Money? 
A. That depends. Are you going to chat it up on Facebook? Reach out and invite others to improve their health? Run online challenge groups as a way of reaching out and supporting others? If the answer is yes...then yes you will make money.
If you are interested fill out the application below and I will be in touch!

The Refresh. Gimmick?

When I thought about doing the Refresh, I was skeptical. Would it work?

This summer I came back from vacation 5 pounds heavier,Too much coffee and sugar, saying "yes" to pizza too often, left me feeling gross.

Honestly, the scale  and tummy was bothering me. I figured, why not try it?!

So I did it. Below are things I am sure everybody wants to know!

Was I hungry? Yes. It is a low calorie diet. However, it was three days. The level of hunger I felt was not extraordinary or debilitating.

Did I get headaches, get tired, or feel yucky? No. I felt like I had more energy in the mornings and afternoons. One morning my husband asked, "You are chipper...what is happening?" I did MISS my Diet Pepsi and coffee. However, that is more about my struggle with stress eating and drinking rather than the refresh.

Did it taste good? I loved the Vegan Strawberry Shakeology so much that I am going to change my monthly order from Vanilla to Vegan Strawberry. I liked the vanilla refresh, but the consistency was a little bit different than the Shakeology. The fiber sweep......less then fabulous. Kind of gross. I took it as a shot.

What Food Did you Eat? My snacks included almond butter, hummus, carrots, and tomatoes. I could have chosen a variety of veges and healthy fats, but we had those on hand. At night, I chose to eat the cucumber and tomato salad, but I could have chosen the vege stir fry, or the Morrocan carrot salad. Was the food super exciting? No. BUT IT WAS THREE DAYS!

On the third day I went back to work full time. Let me tell you, that was the best day because I didn't have to think about food. I drank my shakes, ate my carrots and hummus, and did not have to pack around food or try to balance eating with working. It was a busy day and since I was drinking my food, I did not skip any meals for lack of time. Usually I am starving by 2:00. When I was on my way home, I realized that the 2:00 starvation never came.

Why? The program had me consuming a shake, veges, or water every couple of hours.

Did you fart a lot? Did the fiber sweep.....do things to you?
No. In fact, since I was not consuming carbonated beverages it seemed to reduce the bloating and gas. However, if you do not normally incorporate veges into your diet, you may experience some gas.
The program does indicate what veges are less likely to cause gas.

The fiber sweep was gentle. I did not notice a difference in my urgency or frequency of using the bathroom.

Results? A loss of 5 pounds. I can tell the difference between my before and after. The three days was worth it.

Will I do it again? YES! It is a great way to kick start a nutrition or fitness program because it gave me a break from food and habits. It  has taken away the after vacation "icks" that come from eating and drinking too much and has gotten me back on track.

Is this a stand alone weight loss solution? NO!! This is a great part of an overall healthy lifestyle. I like to be transparent. This is not a magic bullet. If I go and eat a box of doughnuts I will probably gain the inches back. However, since I am immediately returning to my portion control program and starting The Body Beast, I am confident it will stay off!

Contact me if you are interested in more details about the Refresh or getting fit! Kikils@aol.com