I Got "The Box" Now What?

Woot Woot! You got the box. Now no excuses.

1. Look through the box and make sure you received the DVDs, Portion Fix containers and Nutrition Guide. Double check your Shakeology. Did you get the right flavor?

2. Take your Measurements. DO IT! There will be times when the scale does not budge but your inches do. This video can show you how to do it correctly.

3. Read through the nutrition information with a pen and pencil nearby. Use the formula provided in the nutrition guide to figure out how many of each container you will get each day.

4. Make note of what food in each food list is something that you enjoy eating, already use in your diet, or you would like to try. Start creating your grocery list. At the same time, take note of items that are not on the list. What will you need to get rid of or hide to be successful. The closer to the TOP of the food lists you stay, the better your results.

5. Search the web for ideas. You can find my recipes and grocery lists below:

6. Watch each work out ahead of time (keep the remote with you and fast forward) Keep an eye out for moves that you will need to modify. What equipment do you need? 

7. Decide on a nutrition and workout start day. Schedule your work out each day as a non negotiable. Write it down in ink. Plan your nutrition. What will you eat and when? 

8. Check in to our private Challenge Facebook page daily for challenges, recipes, and accountability!