The Refresh. Gimmick?

When I thought about doing the Refresh, I was skeptical. Would it work?

This summer I came back from vacation 5 pounds heavier,Too much coffee and sugar, saying "yes" to pizza too often, left me feeling gross.

Honestly, the scale  and tummy was bothering me. I figured, why not try it?!

So I did it. Below are things I am sure everybody wants to know!

Was I hungry? Yes. It is a low calorie diet. However, it was three days. The level of hunger I felt was not extraordinary or debilitating.

Did I get headaches, get tired, or feel yucky? No. I felt like I had more energy in the mornings and afternoons. One morning my husband asked, "You are chipper...what is happening?" I did MISS my Diet Pepsi and coffee. However, that is more about my struggle with stress eating and drinking rather than the refresh.

Did it taste good? I loved the Vegan Strawberry Shakeology so much that I am going to change my monthly order from Vanilla to Vegan Strawberry. I liked the vanilla refresh, but the consistency was a little bit different than the Shakeology. The fiber sweep......less then fabulous. Kind of gross. I took it as a shot.

What Food Did you Eat? My snacks included almond butter, hummus, carrots, and tomatoes. I could have chosen a variety of veges and healthy fats, but we had those on hand. At night, I chose to eat the cucumber and tomato salad, but I could have chosen the vege stir fry, or the Morrocan carrot salad. Was the food super exciting? No. BUT IT WAS THREE DAYS!

On the third day I went back to work full time. Let me tell you, that was the best day because I didn't have to think about food. I drank my shakes, ate my carrots and hummus, and did not have to pack around food or try to balance eating with working. It was a busy day and since I was drinking my food, I did not skip any meals for lack of time. Usually I am starving by 2:00. When I was on my way home, I realized that the 2:00 starvation never came.

Why? The program had me consuming a shake, veges, or water every couple of hours.

Did you fart a lot? Did the fiber things to you?
No. In fact, since I was not consuming carbonated beverages it seemed to reduce the bloating and gas. However, if you do not normally incorporate veges into your diet, you may experience some gas.
The program does indicate what veges are less likely to cause gas.

The fiber sweep was gentle. I did not notice a difference in my urgency or frequency of using the bathroom.

Results? A loss of 5 pounds. I can tell the difference between my before and after. The three days was worth it.

Will I do it again? YES! It is a great way to kick start a nutrition or fitness program because it gave me a break from food and habits. It  has taken away the after vacation "icks" that come from eating and drinking too much and has gotten me back on track.

Is this a stand alone weight loss solution? NO!! This is a great part of an overall healthy lifestyle. I like to be transparent. This is not a magic bullet. If I go and eat a box of doughnuts I will probably gain the inches back. However, since I am immediately returning to my portion control program and starting The Body Beast, I am confident it will stay off!

Contact me if you are interested in more details about the Refresh or getting fit!