Setting Boundaries for Yourself

As a mom I set boundaries for my kiddo all the time.
Enjoying my well earned coffee
"No, you may not eat a Snickers bar at breakfast."
"Finish your homework , then you can play video games."

We do this for our kids because we are trying to get them to make healthy choices, develop good habits and grow into adults who won't have to fight the same battles with weight and fitness that we do. If we train them right, it will be natural....atleast that is the theory!

So, why do we have such a hard time doing this for ourselves?

This morning I would not let myself drink my coffee until I had cleaned the kitchen and bathroom floor. Why? Because I really wanted that coffee and I really didn't want to clean the floors.

The same goes for my workouts. No workout, no coffee. In fact on the weekends and during vacation I don't allow myself to take a shower until I work out.

What? That is gross you say? Yes it is. I stink. So before I leave the house to go to Home Depot or brunch, it is imperative I shower. It is imperative I work out so that I can take a shower.

The result of this has been no missed workouts since November 9, 2014.

Try to set yourself up for success by setting a boundary for yourself. Until I ______ I won't _____. Or if you work better with rewards, When I ________, then I can _______.

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