Just Because You Have Always Quit Doesn't Mean You Should Give Up

I used to go to the gym and use a personal trainer. In fact, I have been doing that almost as long as I have been dieting.

Let me back up. I have always been overweight. I have always known that this was, in part, due to lack of activity. I hated running the mile during PE. My thighs rubbing together and coming in last was not much of an incentive.

I quit the Shot and Disc in Junior High after learning that the throwing team would have to RUN, RUN during practie. WTF! Why did we have to run?

I quit Freshman Volleyball after wheezing during conditioning and feeling the red burn of embarrasment when my team mates made fun of my slow pace.

In fact the first time I ever ran an entire mile was in college when a boy made me do it. He was sweet and an athlete. I am pretty sure he looked at me more like a project than a girlfriend. His name was Mike and honestly I wish I could thank him. He got me around that oval with support and encouragement. My first athletic endeavor that didn't make me feel less than.

After college, came a variety of gyms and personal trainers. Nothing really clicked until I started taking 30 minute X Bike classes. The instructors were amazing. They knew just how hard to push and when to back off. I could sit down so my knees weren't hurting. Best of all? The lights were off. NO ONE COULD SEE ME. No one could see when I slowed down or if I failed to stand up and pedal fast. During good songs, I could lip sync. I did not have to fake conversation or wait for machines.

At the end when the lights came back up, everybody was sweating, exhausted, and smiling.

That led me to lifting weights and incorporating other types of fitness into my daily routine.

When the gym I attended cancelled my classes and moved others, it became difficult.

Where would I be able to work out without fear of others seeing me? The ability to push myself at my own pace and not be surrounded by people doing lower squats or higher reps? I needed to be able to turn off the lights and at the end smile through my sweat.

The reality was I could no longer afford the cost of a gym that no longer met my needs, but I needed someone telling me what to do and when. I didn't have the time or commitment to design my own workouts every day.

My husband had been using P90X and The Beast for a while. I wasn't ready for either one of those. James found an X Bike for me on Craigslist, but without the instructor that was not as effective as before.

So when I heard that Beachbody had a program called the 21 Day Fix I jumped at it. Fitness, nutrition, and two sets of weights was all I needed.

The workouts were varied enough that I did not get bored, the tempo quick enough to make me sweat, and the trainer (Autumn Calebrese) motiviating without being condescending.

I spent a lot of time quitting early in my life. And that is okay. But it took NOT giving up to find what works for me, for now.

It is okay to quit, but don't give up.