Amazing Discovery About Pizza

I made an amazing discovery about pizza last night . It IS POSSIBLE to eat only one piece of pizza. Yes, I know, I didn't think it was possible either.

It happened on Sunday night. The last night of my two week break. The end of the first week of my re commitment to the portion fix nutrition program and The Masters Hammer and Chisel workout program. 3.2 pounds down.

There was no way I was cooking or cleaning up dinner.

"James, want to go get pizza?" James looked at me like I was crazy. "Is this when I am supposed to draw a hard line and say no?/" he responded.

"UGH come one. No apps. No dessert and no bread!" He just looked at me. Blank face on.

A short time later we found our way to One Speed Pizza in East Sac.

The beer menu was posted on the wall. I ordered Diet Coke. So far so good. Robert asked if we were getting bread first. "NOPE" I said in my strongest voice.

"What was that chicken chopped salad we ordered last time?" James asked.

"I wasn't going to order that. Just one pizza."

"One?" Robert asked, not believing what he had heard.

When the steaming, cheesy sausagy pizza sat in front of us we took stock of the situation. Perfectly sliced and ready to eat. There were 5 pieces of sausage for James and I to share.

James grew up with a brother and from what I have heard, you take what you can get before the other brother got it. So usually I grab and gulp as fast as possible when James and I share.

This time, we just looked at each other and slowly reached out for a piece of pizza.

Crispy crust. Warm cheese. Spicy sausage with just enough grease on the pizza that the sausage flavor permeated every bite.

I don't think we talked much. At the end of the slice, I diverted my attention to Robert who was wrapping up his second piece. I watched James eat his. Then I was done.

I was done and my second piece still sat on the pie tin. Waiting. Waiting to make me feel stuffed.

I didn't let it. I left it.

It is possible to eat one piece of pizza.