How I Wake up at 3:30 EVERY Morning

First, let me say I know that waking up at 3:30 is not for everybody. BUT you can use the same strategies to fit in your workout when it works for you!

I have to do it at this time. It is the ONLY time of day that is not interrupted by work or kids.

Motivation is a myth. I am not motivated to wake up at 3:30 in the morning. I never have been. It is all about behavior and environment.

I always do these things:

A. Set out my workout gear or wear my clothes to bed. Already dressed/prepared means that I am ready to go when the alarm goes off. My shoes are at my the back door and my workout DVD is ready. I never want to search for those things because if I have to, I might just go back to bed.

B. Know what I am going to do. I plan on Sunday for what my workouts will be for the week. This is pretty easy because all of the programs that I use include a calendar. I don't have to create a workout or do any research. I make it easy on myself.

C. Something different every day! Every day I have a different workout so I don't get bored.

D. Short, but intense workouts: My brain can not wrap itself around hour long cardio sessions. Most of the programs I use include 30-45 minute workouts. They are intense and move from movement to movement pretty quickly.

E. Supplement your way to awake: My  husband uses Energize to help him wake up and prepare for our early morning workouts. It shoots energy to your muscles, the light tingle tells you it is working. If I am going to do a particularly hard workout I will also use it.

F. DO NOT check email or Facebook before working out. I try NOT to get distracted!

G. Reward behavior. No workout? NO COFFEE. Yes, you read that right NO COFFEE!

Finally, if I wake up not feeling good, depressed, or extra tired I tell myself to get up and do the first 5 minutes of my DVD. If after the warm up, I still don't feel good I will go back to bed with NO GUILT. I figure that after I am awake, out in the garage, and warmed up I will be more honest with myself about if I am well enough to work out or not! 99% of the time I finish my workout. The times that I have gone back to bed I can do it without guilt or second thought.

You can read about one of the rare times that I quit here.

If you are interested in what my workouts looks look like, friend me on Facebook or comment below! I am always happy to share.