Take Pictures Damn It!

I hate the scale. It plays mind games with me. it tells me I can eat candy every day and not gain weight...until I step on it and have gained five pounds.

After losing 60 plus pounds it is stubborn and refuses to move.

Unless, that is, it jumps up and then inches down...sooooo slowwwwllllllyyyyyyyyy. Like molasses.

Pictures, however, seem to tell a more honest story.

For the past four weeks I have been working my butt off and eating 80% clean. I have been lifting heavier and being 100% consistent with my workouts.

I have also been fighting the scale. I know that at this point if I wanted to truly lose significant weight, I need to be 100% clean for a few weeks. At this point in the year, that is not going to happen. But my  brain still wants to magically see big losses at the scale. A part of me is disappointed that after 4 weeks of kicking ass with fitness, the numbers are not magically going down.

This week, I asked my husband to take some pictures. At first, I was upset. As I looked at the tiny phone screen, I saw no difference.

"That is it, I am going out today and buying a cake. Then I am eating it, all of it." I grumped to my husband.

He gave me a big hug.

The surprise came when I put the pictures next to my "before" pictures. PROGRESS! My belly's shape is changing, slimming.

And isn't that the point? Really, I like to look good in my Friday jeans. I don't want flab hanging out over the top.

On Valentines Day, when I put on "THAT dress" I want to look good.

So take some pictures. Document your journey. DO NOT depend on the scale.

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