22 Day Hard Corps: Dinner (Fix Approved)

Dinner is always part veg and protein. Usually 1 red and 1 green, but once in a while I need to double up on both if I forgot my snack or Shakeo during the day. Evening is the hardest time of day for me to stay clean and on program.

I am tired, stressed, and I just want to sit down in front of the tv with a jar of peanut butter. BUT, I also don't want to mess up my hard work during the day.

This sometimes means that I eat without my family. If I try to wait until James gets home,  I am starving and eat twice what I should. I know it breaks the "you must eat dinner with your family code, but it is what I need to do for me.

I always have some protein and veges cooked. That way it is easy to come home, scoop, re heat and sit down to dinner.
My go to protein is boneless, skinless chicken breasts. I bake quite a few breasts each Sunday. My favorite recipes:

Balsamic Garlic Chicken: The name just about says it! Dump a bunch of crushed garlic and balsamic on top of thawed chicken breasts. Marinate over night. If you are feeling fancy....add some Mrs Dash or other seasoning (leave out the salt!)

Holy Heck That is Spicy Chicken: Take the Spicy Adobe Avocado sauce from the 22 Day Hard Corp recipe book. Take chicken breasts and cut  slits into the meat. Douse with spicy sauce. Bake.

Eating JUST chicken gets boring. This time around, I am adding shrimp. Great protein and low calorie!
Spicy Shrimp: Take thawed shrimp, de vein and take off the shell. Meanwhile, roast chopped onion and bell pepper.  After the veges are softened, add in shrimp. Sprinkle Fiesta Lime Dash over shrimp and cook until juicy and pink. If you have any yellows left, this would rock in fajitas. I tend to just put it over a bed of lettuce and eat.

Ginger Shrimp Soup: Feeling the need for Asian? Or American Asian? Use low sodium broth and mix in low sodium soy sauce. Drop in shredded ginger to taste. Simmer. Add clean shrimp and sugar snap peas. I also love shredded carrots in this recipe. Top it off with chopped green onion.

My favorite veges? I am afraid that I am not too adventurous here.

Brussel Sprouts: Clean, chop in half if they are super big. Sprinkle your favorite Mrs Dash over and put into a 400 degree oven.  Cook until just soft. I micro mine during the week so I like them a little underdone. If you are eating all of them at once, cook until soft all the way through. I also like mine a little burnt on the outer leaves.

Steam Bag Broccoli. I know, I k now. Not very "clean". But I can toss them into the micro for 5 minutes and they are done with no mess.

Peppers and Onions: I love to chop and roast these in the oven. They go with almost all proteins.

Sugar Snap Peas: Steam or boil for a few moments and they stay crunchy and sweet. Perfect.

WHY don't I include measurements? I use my Portion Fix containers to determine how much I use. That way there is no "tasting" or leftovers (unless I need them for lunch the next day). There is a lot less waste as well. If I only cook what my family needs, none of it goes into the trash.

Week 1 Nutrition: 22 Day Hard Corps Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks

Week 1 over.... 90% on point with nutrition and 5 pounds down. Was I satisfied? For the most part. were there times I was hungry? YEP. Did I have to eliminate things that I love? Yes. Was it worth it? So far!

Performance Energize is a research based formula that came out last year. It provides me the kick I need for the 3:30 am wake up call and workout. I get a boost and a bit of a tingle, without a crash later on. I take two scoops and 20 minutes later I am ready. It contains,
  • Beta-alanine, an amino acid that helps buffer lactic acid buildup, which helps improve exercise performance and delay muscle fatigue.
  • Low‑dose caffeine from green tea to enhance energy and focus.
  • Quercetin, a plant‑based nutrient and powerful performance enhancer, shown to help improve endurance and delay time to fatigue.


Steel Cut Oats with blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries
2 eggs with spinach and Mrs Dash seasoning

Tea (lots!) of tea. I gave up coffee. Now, you don't have to do that. However, I LOVE cream and sugar in my coffee and I know that to get maximum results I have to take the sugar and cream out of my coffee. So tea it was!

I take two tablets of Activat with breakfast. It is a multivitamin that helps me with energy and ensures my body is getting what it needs.

Brown rice with chicken and spicy avocado dressing. Tweak number 2? When baking the chicken I cut slits into the chicken and spread the dressing on top. Chicken came out moist and spicy.  If you are spicy shy, cut the amount of chipotle peppers and adobe sauce in half when making the recipe. I also chopped up some cilantro and threw it on top in the morning when I packed it. the cilantro added a bit of freshness that brightened it up.

Cold Snap Peas. The program suggest eating these with lunch, but I liked having them by themselves, usually in the car on the way home.

Bell Peppers and Hummus. This was the first of my tweaks. The program suggests Romaine Lettuce and Hummus. Uh....I did not see myself eating lettuce. I eat every single drop of hummus. I am not below licking the bowl clean.

Shakeology with fruit. This is another tweak. I added coconut water! Vega Strawberry with fruit and coconut water. Tasty and tropical!

Later this week, I will share my Cheats, "OOOPSES", and Dinners!

22 Day Hard Corps Prep and Start

So....finished with the Hammer and Chisel with decent results. Why not great results? My diet was NOT on point. So, part of 22 Day Hard Corps for me is sticking tight to the nutrition plan and completing every single work out.

What I Needed and Ordered

The program (obviously)! I went with the basic package. I already have the container system and a home direct order of Shakeology. If you don't, I would go for the Challenge Pack this month. It comes with a FREE sandbag. I plan to use the weights I already own.

The workouts require a soft spot to do push ups and sit-ups plus light and medium weights (or the sand bag). Plus, a pull up bar or band with door kit.

Time and Space: You can easily do these in your bedroom or living room.The program brags that it only takes 22 minutes. HOWEVER, be aware that if you are slow to warm up or need to completely warm up before working out to prevent aches and pains later, plan on doing the 15 minute cold start warm up. I always do this. Otherwise, my knees hurt the next day. The first week, you actually do two workouts on some days. One 22 minute cardio and a short ab workout. Still short, still doable.

Food Plan
The program comes with a complete food plan that helps you choose the right amount of food from the right food groups. It is based on your current weight. I always take the easy way and use my portion control system.

This time around, I am following the recipes and food plan that is provided in the program. Coming up with my own recipes usually ends with bland chicken and boredom.  I am also following the suggested types of foods at each meal. I am hoping this helps me optimize my weight loss while keeping hunger at bay.

At the end of the week, I will share my food list and recipes with you all (I want to make sure that they work!)

First Impressions!
Day 1: Performance Energize. I sucked that stuff down and started feeling tingly. I use two scoops, not just one. Why? I am giving up coffee for 8 weeks. I LOVE cream and sugar with my coffee and that is NOT going to get me my summer body. Coffee may resume week 3... weekends only! I want to get used to working with out it before re introducing it.

Fitness Test! Ironically, I just did the fitness testing for the state with my 5th and 7th graders at school. I dutifully wrote down my results. I cannot wait until the end of the 8 week to see my progress.

Cardio 1 AND Core 1: Workout is full of basic moves. NO hard to learn choreography. Simple, repetitive movements. By the end of the workout I was the sweatiest that I have been for weeks. It is intense and non stop. I felt my heart rate drive up during each round. The short breather between rounds was just enough to give me the strength to start up again. This will probably become my favorite cardio of any of the BB programs I have done.

It seemed quick and easy, but by the end of it I was wiped. My knees survived with little problems and the next day they were not sore or painful. My abs, however, are sore from the core workout!

Check back in this weekend for my food plan and impressions of the remaining workouts! If you want to join my team and ONLINE SUPPORT AND Accountability Group, fill out the form below!

Cauliflower Party .... (Yes You Read That Right, Cauliflower)

21 day fix, skinny cook, cauliflower recipes, paleo
It all started with a post in my challenge group about using cauliflower as pizza crust. I didn't know how to do it, but someone in my online challenge group did.

An idea sparked, the result was The Cauliflower Party. Yes. Cauliflower. Five of us planned to get together and let our friend Janine, walk us through using cauliflower in place of flour and bread in many of our favorite recipes. 

I also offered up Vodka...hey I can't invite anyone over without offering some kind of martini.

Before they arrived, I tried a coconut water and flavored vodka mix. Total fail. Gross!

Janine brought over a bowl of cauliflower that had already been decimated and one head that had only been cut up, recipes for several recipes and the ingredients.

paleo, 21 day fixThe rest of us put our hands to use. The best part? The conversation and time together. When I started on this journey of health the one thing I missed was the camaraderie during a night out having a few beers and greasy bar food. The conversations and laughs. The shared time together with other people. The food and drinks always set me back when it came to my weight loss and health journey. However, hanging out in that atmosphere every weekend while saying no to the drinks and food wasn't fun.

This was. Everybody arrived around 6:30 and left about four hours later. We tried out several recipes, shared the evening, cleaned up the kitchen, boxed up the remaining food, and then parted ways, promising to do it again. No guilt about the calories consumed. No designated driver needed. The next morning I didn't have a food or booze hangover.
paleo fix, 21 day fix, cauliflower
Oh NO! Am I becoming an adult? Damn.

My favorite? Cauliflower Hot Wings. We left the butter out and used way less flour. I am happy to report that they are just as good the second day!

The tortillas were awesome, too. Soft, warm and definitely ready to hold anything you normally put into a tortilla.What the recipe doesn't include, BUT what we all think is essential is the cilantro oil that Janine put into the mix and fresh cilantro that we chopped and added.

Finally, the flat bread.  Topped with stewed tomatoes, cheese and cilantro.  Delicious!

All of these recipes are guilt free and part of the Portion Fix nutrition program. Interested in learning more? Email me! Kirsten@beachbodycoach.com or fill out the form below and I will contact you!

Doing What I Love to Build a Team of Success!

Three years ago I quit a job I loved so that I could do what my family needed. I started to home school my son, worked a part time job, and focused on everyone but me. I found my weight up and my energy down. Enter Twitter and Terri Devore.

I was at work, posting on Twitter, when I saw a simple Tweet from a crazy looking, pink hair girl. The Tweet was simply, "Are you looking for a way to keep fit and make extra cash?" I "liked" it, thinking nothing of it.

Then the pink haired girl contacted me. When Terri first told me  about the 21 Day Fix and being a Beach Body coach, I put her off.

After all, I did not have time to get into sales and I did not want to con my friends into trying something. But she persisted, and the next thing I knew, I was joining up with the 21 Day Fix and (because I am cheap!) using the coach discount.

Two weeks into the program I started to see results and so did those around me. My meals were healthier and I was happier.

Three weeks into the program, when people saw I was serious, they started to ask me what I was doing.

Four weeks into the program, I started my own challenge group and got my first BeachBody checks. 

The checks were small at first,  but I didn't care. All I was doing was working out, drinking Shakeology, and posting about it online. Plus, I now had a group of women who depended on me to help them...talk about accountability and motivation! The checks are getting bigger and I am able to use the money for those "extras". Weekends away, classes for my son, and special treats for myself!

My network and business has grown. I am still posting and sharing my own experiences. My Challenge Group is going strong and I am proud of the work that I do promoting and supporting healthy lifestyles.

Kirsten SPall, Beachbody Coach, working momMy next challenge? Finding others who want their home business to support them in a healthy lifestyle.

What exactly is a Beachbody coach? Check out this blog post or fill out the Team Beach Body Application below. I will be in touch to see if you are a good fit for our team!