22 Day Hard Corps: Dinner (Fix Approved)

Dinner is always part veg and protein. Usually 1 red and 1 green, but once in a while I need to double up on both if I forgot my snack or Shakeo during the day. Evening is the hardest time of day for me to stay clean and on program.

I am tired, stressed, and I just want to sit down in front of the tv with a jar of peanut butter. BUT, I also don't want to mess up my hard work during the day.

This sometimes means that I eat without my family. If I try to wait until James gets home,  I am starving and eat twice what I should. I know it breaks the "you must eat dinner with your family code, but it is what I need to do for me.

I always have some protein and veges cooked. That way it is easy to come home, scoop, re heat and sit down to dinner.
My go to protein is boneless, skinless chicken breasts. I bake quite a few breasts each Sunday. My favorite recipes:

Balsamic Garlic Chicken: The name just about says it! Dump a bunch of crushed garlic and balsamic on top of thawed chicken breasts. Marinate over night. If you are feeling fancy....add some Mrs Dash or other seasoning (leave out the salt!)

Holy Heck That is Spicy Chicken: Take the Spicy Adobe Avocado sauce from the 22 Day Hard Corp recipe book. Take chicken breasts and cut  slits into the meat. Douse with spicy sauce. Bake.

Eating JUST chicken gets boring. This time around, I am adding shrimp. Great protein and low calorie!
Spicy Shrimp: Take thawed shrimp, de vein and take off the shell. Meanwhile, roast chopped onion and bell pepper.  After the veges are softened, add in shrimp. Sprinkle Fiesta Lime Dash over shrimp and cook until juicy and pink. If you have any yellows left, this would rock in fajitas. I tend to just put it over a bed of lettuce and eat.

Ginger Shrimp Soup: Feeling the need for Asian? Or American Asian? Use low sodium broth and mix in low sodium soy sauce. Drop in shredded ginger to taste. Simmer. Add clean shrimp and sugar snap peas. I also love shredded carrots in this recipe. Top it off with chopped green onion.

My favorite veges? I am afraid that I am not too adventurous here.

Brussel Sprouts: Clean, chop in half if they are super big. Sprinkle your favorite Mrs Dash over and put into a 400 degree oven.  Cook until just soft. I micro mine during the week so I like them a little underdone. If you are eating all of them at once, cook until soft all the way through. I also like mine a little burnt on the outer leaves.

Steam Bag Broccoli. I know, I k now. Not very "clean". But I can toss them into the micro for 5 minutes and they are done with no mess.

Peppers and Onions: I love to chop and roast these in the oven. They go with almost all proteins.

Sugar Snap Peas: Steam or boil for a few moments and they stay crunchy and sweet. Perfect.

WHY don't I include measurements? I use my Portion Fix containers to determine how much I use. That way there is no "tasting" or leftovers (unless I need them for lunch the next day). There is a lot less waste as well. If I only cook what my family needs, none of it goes into the trash.