22 Day Hard Corps Prep and Start

So....finished with the Hammer and Chisel with decent results. Why not great results? My diet was NOT on point. So, part of 22 Day Hard Corps for me is sticking tight to the nutrition plan and completing every single work out.

What I Needed and Ordered

The program (obviously)! I went with the basic package. I already have the container system and a home direct order of Shakeology. If you don't, I would go for the Challenge Pack this month. It comes with a FREE sandbag. I plan to use the weights I already own.

The workouts require a soft spot to do push ups and sit-ups plus light and medium weights (or the sand bag). Plus, a pull up bar or band with door kit.

Time and Space: You can easily do these in your bedroom or living room.The program brags that it only takes 22 minutes. HOWEVER, be aware that if you are slow to warm up or need to completely warm up before working out to prevent aches and pains later, plan on doing the 15 minute cold start warm up. I always do this. Otherwise, my knees hurt the next day. The first week, you actually do two workouts on some days. One 22 minute cardio and a short ab workout. Still short, still doable.

Food Plan
The program comes with a complete food plan that helps you choose the right amount of food from the right food groups. It is based on your current weight. I always take the easy way and use my portion control system.

This time around, I am following the recipes and food plan that is provided in the program. Coming up with my own recipes usually ends with bland chicken and boredom.  I am also following the suggested types of foods at each meal. I am hoping this helps me optimize my weight loss while keeping hunger at bay.

At the end of the week, I will share my food list and recipes with you all (I want to make sure that they work!)

First Impressions!
Day 1: Performance Energize. I sucked that stuff down and started feeling tingly. I use two scoops, not just one. Why? I am giving up coffee for 8 weeks. I LOVE cream and sugar with my coffee and that is NOT going to get me my summer body. Coffee may resume week 3... weekends only! I want to get used to working with out it before re introducing it.

Fitness Test! Ironically, I just did the fitness testing for the state with my 5th and 7th graders at school. I dutifully wrote down my results. I cannot wait until the end of the 8 week to see my progress.

Cardio 1 AND Core 1: Workout is full of basic moves. NO hard to learn choreography. Simple, repetitive movements. By the end of the workout I was the sweatiest that I have been for weeks. It is intense and non stop. I felt my heart rate drive up during each round. The short breather between rounds was just enough to give me the strength to start up again. This will probably become my favorite cardio of any of the BB programs I have done.

It seemed quick and easy, but by the end of it I was wiped. My knees survived with little problems and the next day they were not sore or painful. My abs, however, are sore from the core workout!

Check back in this weekend for my food plan and impressions of the remaining workouts! If you want to join my team and ONLINE SUPPORT AND Accountability Group, fill out the form below!