Cauliflower Party .... (Yes You Read That Right, Cauliflower)

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It all started with a post in my challenge group about using cauliflower as pizza crust. I didn't know how to do it, but someone in my online challenge group did.

An idea sparked, the result was The Cauliflower Party. Yes. Cauliflower. Five of us planned to get together and let our friend Janine, walk us through using cauliflower in place of flour and bread in many of our favorite recipes. 

I also offered up Vodka...hey I can't invite anyone over without offering some kind of martini.

Before they arrived, I tried a coconut water and flavored vodka mix. Total fail. Gross!

Janine brought over a bowl of cauliflower that had already been decimated and one head that had only been cut up, recipes for several recipes and the ingredients.

paleo, 21 day fixThe rest of us put our hands to use. The best part? The conversation and time together. When I started on this journey of health the one thing I missed was the camaraderie during a night out having a few beers and greasy bar food. The conversations and laughs. The shared time together with other people. The food and drinks always set me back when it came to my weight loss and health journey. However, hanging out in that atmosphere every weekend while saying no to the drinks and food wasn't fun.

This was. Everybody arrived around 6:30 and left about four hours later. We tried out several recipes, shared the evening, cleaned up the kitchen, boxed up the remaining food, and then parted ways, promising to do it again. No guilt about the calories consumed. No designated driver needed. The next morning I didn't have a food or booze hangover.
paleo fix, 21 day fix, cauliflower
Oh NO! Am I becoming an adult? Damn.

My favorite? Cauliflower Hot Wings. We left the butter out and used way less flour. I am happy to report that they are just as good the second day!

The tortillas were awesome, too. Soft, warm and definitely ready to hold anything you normally put into a tortilla.What the recipe doesn't include, BUT what we all think is essential is the cilantro oil that Janine put into the mix and fresh cilantro that we chopped and added.

Finally, the flat bread.  Topped with stewed tomatoes, cheese and cilantro.  Delicious!

All of these recipes are guilt free and part of the Portion Fix nutrition program. Interested in learning more? Email me! or fill out the form below and I will contact you!