Doing What I Love to Build a Team of Success!

Three years ago I quit a job I loved so that I could do what my family needed. I started to home school my son, worked a part time job, and focused on everyone but me. I found my weight up and my energy down. Enter Twitter and Terri Devore.

I was at work, posting on Twitter, when I saw a simple Tweet from a crazy looking, pink hair girl. The Tweet was simply, "Are you looking for a way to keep fit and make extra cash?" I "liked" it, thinking nothing of it.

Then the pink haired girl contacted me. When Terri first told me  about the 21 Day Fix and being a Beach Body coach, I put her off.

After all, I did not have time to get into sales and I did not want to con my friends into trying something. But she persisted, and the next thing I knew, I was joining up with the 21 Day Fix and (because I am cheap!) using the coach discount.

Two weeks into the program I started to see results and so did those around me. My meals were healthier and I was happier.

Three weeks into the program, when people saw I was serious, they started to ask me what I was doing.

Four weeks into the program, I started my own challenge group and got my first BeachBody checks. 

The checks were small at first,  but I didn't care. All I was doing was working out, drinking Shakeology, and posting about it online. Plus, I now had a group of women who depended on me to help about accountability and motivation! The checks are getting bigger and I am able to use the money for those "extras". Weekends away, classes for my son, and special treats for myself!

My network and business has grown. I am still posting and sharing my own experiences. My Challenge Group is going strong and I am proud of the work that I do promoting and supporting healthy lifestyles.

Kirsten SPall, Beachbody Coach, working momMy next challenge? Finding others who want their home business to support them in a healthy lifestyle.

What exactly is a Beachbody coach? Check out this blog post or fill out the Team Beach Body Application below. I will be in touch to see if you are a good fit for our team!