Starting To Get Fit...When You Don't Really Want To OR Know How

Sooooo, lazy girl secret? I don't just LOOOVVEEE eating brussel sprouts and working out. It is NOT the reason I wake up in the  morning.

By nature, all I want to do is sit on the couch, drink coffee, watch reality tv and chat with my friends.

However, several years ago I knew something had to change.

There are a few habits that I started with which have helped me lose weight, gain muscle, and reach a better level of fitness.

Journal. Journal everything. Every single thing you put in your mouth. The beer, the mac and cheese, gum. Everything. Do it without judgement. This is data that you care collecting. You want to get a total picture of your nutrition.

Speaking of pictures. Take them. In your swim suit, in your underwear.

How do I journal? Any way you want. Use a google doc, piece of paper in your purse, or buy a special notebook from Barnes and Noble. Whatever works for you. Remember, you are building habits that will set you up for success!

If you happen to have a pedometer, track your steps.

How long ? Start with 2 weeks. But really, I still journal. It has been three years!

At the end of two weeks you notice that you do not have 14 days of journaling complete, you may need an accountability buddy! 

This is somebody who is also committed to journaling! Check in each day with them to support and hold each other accountable.

What happens after two weeks?

Keep journaling PLUS add in 30 minutes of fitness every day!

What qualifies as fitness?

Any  movement that gets your heart rate up higher than sitting on the couch that you do NOT already do. PLUS, you are doing it for fitness. So mowing the lawn does not count. Coaching soccer does not count. Why? Because you are already doing it.

If you could get fitter by doing what you are doing now, you would already be fit, right?

Do this for two weeks. Next step? Working on nutrition and upping your level of fitness!