Moving Out of My Teaching Comfort Zone and into Sales

I love Mary Kay. There I said it. I love the pink boxes and products. Their mascara? To DIE FOR. When one of my teacher friends announced on Facebook that she was going to become a consultant, I immediately wanted in. I wanted to help  and support her by buying from her.

First, I knew there would be wine at her Mary Kay party. Second, I looked forward to getting together with her and friends to eat brunch, chat, and I already knew I liked the product. The quality is high and I knew I could trust her not to sell me something that I didn't need.

The trust comes from the relationship I developed with her in another part of my life. As teachers, we had shared a summer of professional development. We also shared an income that would not change based on how hard we worked.

Yep. teaching is this weird space in the world where no matter how good you are or how hard you work, your pay does not change. It is what it is. So if you are looking for upward mobility or just some extra cash, you have to look elsewhere.

I find more and more that my friends in education are doing this. And I like to support them, I became one of them when I began my own Beach Body coaching business. Suddenly, being innovative, supportive, and hard working paid actual dollars.

My BB income is directly related to how I work and the time I put in. For someone who has never worked a sales job, this has been powerful.

Two things happened with my teaching friends when I started talking about being a coach on social media.

The first, often happened when I saw them at work. That odd, twisted face of confusion. Sales?Commission? Why would I do that? Some eye rolls. Direct Sales? Multi level marketing? Really Kirsten?

Education was in order. Do you buy cosmetics? Who makes money when you do that? (the sales clerk,Clinique, Macys) Do you pay for a trainer at a gym? Who makes money (The trainer, the gym)?
The difference between when you buy Mary Kay and Clinique? The commission, the profit goes to somebody you know. The person selling the product knows you. Knows your life. I am assuming you all keep people in your life that you trust.

The second thing that happened was that I learned that others were doing it too, for a variety of reasons. Some of them had started it just to get a discount on their favorite products. Others, to make extra money. I started it as a way to doing something for myself...totally unrelated to my students, my school or my own family.

My guess is that all of them found that the ability to sell, in their own time outside of school, was a huge plus. Their people skills as teachers translate well into their new second career and it connects them to others in a fun way.

So yes, I buy Mary Kay. Norwex, and DoTerra. I support my friends in their new business ventures. I buy products that I would use anyway, from people I know. Shopping now means relaxing at home and scrolling Facebook or drinking mimosas at a Mary Kay brunch. It lands on my porch without having to brave the mall.