Quick and Easy, but not Dirty

So, today it is supposed to be 108 in Sacramento and I am struggling. Not sure if it is because I am under Dr.'s orders not to workout (really even do anything but sit!) or if the heat is causing it, but damn. Between the lack of movement and lack of prep I have not seen any progress. I am feeling like a flubbery mess. No weight gain, but I can see my muscle tone is going down. I need to take control over something. So food it is.

Last night I found myself suggesting a peanut butter sandwich to my husband for dinner. It was hot and I didn't want to cook.

So this morning before it got hot, I prepped, all outside and all done before 9:30.

Three lunches prepped with chicken, onion and garlic for dinner tonight.
I am making a commitment to get back into weekly (or daily!) prep work and sharing my recipes with you all.

Day 1: Brussels and Chicken (with hardly ANY CLEAN UP!)

frozen chicken
brussel sprouts (or whatever veges you have)
garlic (optional)
Red Onion (optional)
outdoor grill
tin foil

1. Fire up that grill. I did this before  9 am. that way I am done cooking for the day by 9:30.
2. Pull out a frozen bag of chicken from the back of your refrigerator. You know the one you bought at Costco last week and then never cooked?
3. Fill the bag with HOT water. Leave it there until it thaws. In a hurry? Switch out the water frequently. I do this all the time and it really does result in juicy chicken.
4. Meanwhile, cut and halve the sprouts and place on tin foil.
5. Throw on the garlic. Keep it whole and papery.
6. Place veges in tin foil on grill. Cook until tender. remove. Keep garlic on. It takes a while to get soft.
7. Spray grill (optional) and throw on chicken. At this point you can season with salt and pepper. I prefer to use whatever Mrs. Dash that I have on hand.
8. Grill chicken 5 minutes. Then rotate 180 degrees. Grill another 2. Flip. Repeat. They are ready when juices are just clear and when it is slightly firm to the touch. If it feels like jello, keep cooking.
9. Portion, store.
10. Grill onions at the end. I like mine still crispy.
11. Take off garlic.

Why am I cooking garlic and onion if I am not putting them in with the chicken or brussel sprouts? Later this week I will use the chicken for BBQ chicken sandwiches. I will use the garlic on the bread and the onions on the sandwich!