If You Think All I Eat is Chicken and Shakeology...Here is Some Red Meat

So, chicken is relatilvley cheap and easy. Bring it home, throw some seasoning, cook a bunch in the oven. Done. But it can get boring, right?

Four days in and I needed some red meat.

I like steak.
I like it rare.
I like it every where.

Okay so I can't rhyme. Sue me.

The Core Nutrition plan includes a recipe for flank steak. So I bought a hunk at the grocery store and did not expect it to turn out. I never seem to be able to get it just right.

This time, it was awesome. here is what I did:

Cut Flank steak into 4 oz sizes.  I bought a 16 oz flank, so this was easy. Then, sprinkle smoked paprika and cumin all over it. Rub it in. Look at the clock, realize that you have to pick up your kid. Throw it in a tupperware and put it in the back of the fridge. Forget that you have it for four days.

Spend 4 days eating chicken. Your husband asks, "Do you have any plans for dinner?" and you know what he means to say is, "Please do not make me eat chicken, again."

Realize you are a genius. Pull out the steak and turn on a pan. Add 1 tb of olive oil. Wait until you see little bubbles. Throw in the steaks, cover. Return to your WASC report for four minutes and forget about the steaks. Hear the oil going crazy, run into the kitchen. Discover one side is perfectly seared. Flip.

Realize the oven is not on. Turn it on to 300 degrees. Look in the refrigerator for a vegetable that isn't salad. Fail. Grab salad and throw it on the counter. Realize another 4 minutes have passed. Grab steaks, put them on the stone. Put in stove.

Keep touching it until it seems cooked enough. I like mine rare...so not long at all.

Remove and place on counter. Yell at kid to get into the kitchen and eat his salad. Ignore his "disgusting" look when he discovers Mac and Cheese is not on the menu.

Throw some tossed cilantro and 1 tsp of Thai Peanut Sauce on top. Squirt a little bit of fresh lime over your steak and salad.


I made this again today for lunch, but this time I tossed the peanut sauce in with some leftover spaghetti squash and snap peas. I am really missing my favorite Thai restaruant right now, but just the little bit of peanut sauce (it is high in sugar and calories so be careful) is enough to wipe out the craving.

 Try it and let me know how it goes1

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Day 3:Fudge and Iced Lattes Attack

I woke up sore. My pecks and lats screamed at me when I tried to put my hair in a ponytail this morning. So, I am pretty sure the workouts are working!

Wait, did I mention that my husband had to set the alarm for 3:30 this morning? After drinking his Energize...he heads back to bed for 30 minutes until it kicks in. Once I am up..I am up. BOOOO.  Without my coffee, I found myself just standing there looking around. What is a girl to do? Start laundry of course, duh. 

Our workout this morning was MMA Speed. The same workout as day 1...I felt like I was following along better and not watching the screen as much. This helped me get my heart rate up and enjoy the workout.

Today some food changes were in order. Starvation is no way to feel all day. I decided to add a yellow to my morning routine. So after the workout, I cooked up four egg whites and put them between a light English Muffin with Siracha on top. (.5 red and 2 yellow)Tasty and kept my full until about 9:30 when I had my pumpkin pie Shakeology. (1 red, 1 purple)

Sooooo glad I made the change because this afternoon I was faced with temptation in the form of fudge. My son was invited to a cookie decorating party and potluck. I prepped by cooking and bringing a chicken salad to share. I drank my Shakeology just before leaving so that I would be full.

When I showed up one of the kiddo's moms had set out fudge. Not just fudge...Jack Daniels Flavored fudge! I walked a large circle around it and pretended to love celery. As the adults sat down to eat I filled up with salad and chicken. (2 Greens and 1 Red) Then added a bit of balsamic dressing. There was also pizza, but it was easy to let go. It wasn't One Speed in East Sac. As we got up to let the boys sit down to eat, we migrated closer and closer to the fudge.

I tasted it. One small piece the size of a dime. It was just as delicious as I remembered and melted in mouth. I managed to escape having only eating another two nickel size pieces of fudge. I passed on the cookies and icing. Somehow boys squeezing frosting out of a tube and calling it "poop" made it easy!

The fudge mom also happens to make the most delicious at home iced lattes. She has a serious espresso maker and knows just how much milk and syrup to put in. Seriously, it killed me to say no.

Once at home, I made a simple English Muffin and PB snack (1 yellow, 2tsp) and headed to the dog park.

 Funny how dogs think it is FUN to run and play. Seriously, the dog tries to get breathless...weirdo.

Dinner tonight? Pita bread BBQ chicken pizzas straight from the Core Nutrition Guide. I toasted the pita to make it crispy and added a ton of red onion and cilantro. I did not make my own BBQ sauce. I just can't do it. I have no interest in it. I do have a sugar free BBQ sauce that I use regularly. Low calories and many of the same ingredients as the recipe in the nutrition guide. (2 green, 1 red, 1 yellow)

I don't know what I have left, but I am pretty satisfied and have not experienced biting hunger all day.....that means no more whining posts about how hungry I am, sorry. Don't worry though, if I am not busy being whiny I can focus on being snarky!

Day 2: Core De Force and Container Eating (Still Hungry)

So call me a baby, but I whine a lot the first few days of a new workout or eating regime. I am pretty sure my fat cells travel up to my brain and take control of my mouth. That or the lack of Pepsi and Vodka martinis removes what little filter I have. That is one reason I always start these things on break. I don't want small children around when I am eating clean, saying no to coffee, and struggling through a new workout.

Today's Workout? 12 rounds of hell. No. Actually just the last four were hell. It is the Dynamic Strength Training workout of Core De Force.

Less punching then yesterday.
Focus on core and strength.

Lots of different kinds of pushups (My tris and back will feel this tomorrow) and slow kicks.

My glutes were on fire. I had to talk myself through this one.

After the fourth round I found myself ONLY able to do the modifier...which hurt my ego.I just can not risk another injury. I mean, I am the girl who hurt her knee so bad she could not walk by standing up after doing pushups. I was still fatigued by  then end and my heart rate was still pumping.

Breakfast: Shakeology plus Emergen C. Yes same as yesterday. I never claimed to be wild. (1 red)
Snack: 29 pistachios. I am thinking that this will have to go. I hate using my one healthy fat so early in the day. The tradeoff is that I can't eat cheese or hummus later in the day. Worse yet, it eliminates any avocado.
Snack: English Muffin toasted with one tsp peanut butter. God this was good today. There is something about warm toast and pb.
Lunch: 1 green container full of veges and 1 red container with left over turkey, warmed up with1 tsp of Buffalo Sauce (10 calories)
Snack:One Cutey 1 Purple 1 Diet Pepsi
Dinner:Spaghetti Squash with home made turkey red sauce from the Core De Force nutrition Plan.  2 Red, 2 Green, 1 Purple.
Snacks: oatmeal with cinnamon and half an apple cut up into it. Yes, this is my attempt at pretending I am eating a dessert. 1 yellows, 1 Purple

Since I am posting this a bit early, before dinner, I am not sure how dinner will turn out. I mean....I really love red meat sauce on a big plate of pasta. Not sure how I feel about it over squash.

On a side note, we have a surprise evening with out the kid. Normally we would hop on our tandem bike and head to midtown or East Sac for some food and brew. However, since we are only on day 2....well. We will have to find something else to do. That will probably be the hardest part of today.

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Food, Pain, and Hunger

A few weeks ago I ordered BB's program Core De Force for James' Christmas present. No, really it was just for him. I also "liked" the tv test group on Facebook to check it out.

I started to see women, like me...a little pudgy with kids and dogs running around showing videos of themselves doing the modifications. I started checking in more frequently and by the time Christmas rolled around I had every intention of doing it with James.

It became more urgent when I stepped on the scale a few days before Christmas and discovered that my underwear was not magically shrinking in the dryer. Nope. It was time.

Fastforward to today. We woke up and did the first workout.  I'll do a full review after the first week, but so far so good. I was able to do all of the moves with little modifications. Even in the freezing cold garage, with two bum knees. Today's workout was punch and kick combos. The first 7 minutes is pure instruction and the next 37 pure intensity. My knees were stiff this afternoon so I plan on taking Ibuprofen later tonight. I have some kind of weird on going issue with the inside of my ankle. No, I have not had it checked out yet and YES I am being a big baby about it. IT HURTS (whining)

Food. We all know that bodies are made in the kitchen. The gym is gravy. I anticipated being hungry all day. I have been grazing non stop for about two weeks.. mostly taking out my frustrations on my secret candy stash at work. (It is in the multipurpose room gym storage area for anyone who gets desperate the week that we return!)

Wakeup: 1 large Shakeology shaker full of ice water. Dress and head out to the gym. James drank his Energize. I skipped my normal coffee.

After Workout/House Cleaning Breakfast: Shakeology. Vanilla with one packet of Emergen-C. I call it my Creamsicle. At this point, I cleaned out our tupperware cabinet and tried to ignore the smell of egg sandwiches that James was making. It is totally within his container limits, but he gets slightly more than I do sooo.....I pretended not to notice.

I also put the coffee machine away and the sugar. I don’t really like coffee. Coffee is the transport for my sugar and milk in the morning. Every once in awhile, I need to stop the madness. Recently, I have been drinking my sugar coffee all day long. I can't stand fake sugar so the coffee has to go until I can get it under control.

Snack: 20 Pistachios. 20 people. Normally, I eat three or four hands full. But the salt was tasty and the nuttiness curbed my hunger.... a little bit...more water...resisting Diet Pepsi.

Lunch at Dad's: Today we brought my dad into the 21st century with Roku, a flat screen HDTV, and Sling. Now, normally I go to my dad's to indulge. However, this time I texted ahead and explained that I needed him to help me by serving a salad and protein. NO dessert. He did great by serving fajita strips with a salad. At last, I was not perfect.. I immediately honed in on the box of chocolates. When James wasn't looking I popped a whole one in my mouth and then pretended I had something really important to do in the bathroom until I could chew and swallow. (I guess we are all about to see if James reads my blog posts or not) 1 Red, 1 Purple,  and 1 Green down.

So by this time I was pretty starving. I started complaining to anyone who would listen. I had three sips of Diet Pepsi and then decided it wasn't that great and gave it to James. I lamented on the way home that we were one day closer to being at the end of four weeks. It did not help at all.

My Pepsi problem has also gotten a bit out of control. So time to step away from the 42 ounce cups at Mcdonald's.

Another Snack: I opened the refrigerator ten times hoping something naughty would appear, it did not. Instead I stuck 1 red worth of turkey in my mouth and granned a Diet Pepsi. This time I did not put it down and finished it as we ran errands. When we got home I toasted an English Muffin and topped it with peanut butter. 1 yellow.

Dinner: Leftover turkey, white bean chili. I knew it would be filling. I ate three greens of lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, and onions before the chili to make sure I would not be hungry afterwards. Then grabbed two little cuties for dessert. That killed my purples and yellows for the day. It killed everything.

Not a bad start. The sick, nauseous feeling that has been sticking around for the past two weeks is gone. Yes. I am hungary. I would like to go into the kitchen and grab the box of Ghirardelli chocolates that are on the counter. But James is home, so that is not going to happen.

One day down.