Day 2: Core De Force and Container Eating (Still Hungry)

So call me a baby, but I whine a lot the first few days of a new workout or eating regime. I am pretty sure my fat cells travel up to my brain and take control of my mouth. That or the lack of Pepsi and Vodka martinis removes what little filter I have. That is one reason I always start these things on break. I don't want small children around when I am eating clean, saying no to coffee, and struggling through a new workout.

Today's Workout? 12 rounds of hell. No. Actually just the last four were hell. It is the Dynamic Strength Training workout of Core De Force.

Less punching then yesterday.
Focus on core and strength.

Lots of different kinds of pushups (My tris and back will feel this tomorrow) and slow kicks.

My glutes were on fire. I had to talk myself through this one.

After the fourth round I found myself ONLY able to do the modifier...which hurt my ego.I just can not risk another injury. I mean, I am the girl who hurt her knee so bad she could not walk by standing up after doing pushups. I was still fatigued by  then end and my heart rate was still pumping.

Breakfast: Shakeology plus Emergen C. Yes same as yesterday. I never claimed to be wild. (1 red)
Snack: 29 pistachios. I am thinking that this will have to go. I hate using my one healthy fat so early in the day. The tradeoff is that I can't eat cheese or hummus later in the day. Worse yet, it eliminates any avocado.
Snack: English Muffin toasted with one tsp peanut butter. God this was good today. There is something about warm toast and pb.
Lunch: 1 green container full of veges and 1 red container with left over turkey, warmed up with1 tsp of Buffalo Sauce (10 calories)
Snack:One Cutey 1 Purple 1 Diet Pepsi
Dinner:Spaghetti Squash with home made turkey red sauce from the Core De Force nutrition Plan.  2 Red, 2 Green, 1 Purple.
Snacks: oatmeal with cinnamon and half an apple cut up into it. Yes, this is my attempt at pretending I am eating a dessert. 1 yellows, 1 Purple

Since I am posting this a bit early, before dinner, I am not sure how dinner will turn out. I mean....I really love red meat sauce on a big plate of pasta. Not sure how I feel about it over squash.

On a side note, we have a surprise evening with out the kid. Normally we would hop on our tandem bike and head to midtown or East Sac for some food and brew. However, since we are only on day 2....well. We will have to find something else to do. That will probably be the hardest part of today.