Day 3:Fudge and Iced Lattes Attack

I woke up sore. My pecks and lats screamed at me when I tried to put my hair in a ponytail this morning. So, I am pretty sure the workouts are working!

Wait, did I mention that my husband had to set the alarm for 3:30 this morning? After drinking his Energize...he heads back to bed for 30 minutes until it kicks in. Once I am up..I am up. BOOOO.  Without my coffee, I found myself just standing there looking around. What is a girl to do? Start laundry of course, duh. 

Our workout this morning was MMA Speed. The same workout as day 1...I felt like I was following along better and not watching the screen as much. This helped me get my heart rate up and enjoy the workout.

Today some food changes were in order. Starvation is no way to feel all day. I decided to add a yellow to my morning routine. So after the workout, I cooked up four egg whites and put them between a light English Muffin with Siracha on top. (.5 red and 2 yellow)Tasty and kept my full until about 9:30 when I had my pumpkin pie Shakeology. (1 red, 1 purple)

Sooooo glad I made the change because this afternoon I was faced with temptation in the form of fudge. My son was invited to a cookie decorating party and potluck. I prepped by cooking and bringing a chicken salad to share. I drank my Shakeology just before leaving so that I would be full.

When I showed up one of the kiddo's moms had set out fudge. Not just fudge...Jack Daniels Flavored fudge! I walked a large circle around it and pretended to love celery. As the adults sat down to eat I filled up with salad and chicken. (2 Greens and 1 Red) Then added a bit of balsamic dressing. There was also pizza, but it was easy to let go. It wasn't One Speed in East Sac. As we got up to let the boys sit down to eat, we migrated closer and closer to the fudge.

I tasted it. One small piece the size of a dime. It was just as delicious as I remembered and melted in mouth. I managed to escape having only eating another two nickel size pieces of fudge. I passed on the cookies and icing. Somehow boys squeezing frosting out of a tube and calling it "poop" made it easy!

The fudge mom also happens to make the most delicious at home iced lattes. She has a serious espresso maker and knows just how much milk and syrup to put in. Seriously, it killed me to say no.

Once at home, I made a simple English Muffin and PB snack (1 yellow, 2tsp) and headed to the dog park.

 Funny how dogs think it is FUN to run and play. Seriously, the dog tries to get breathless...weirdo.

Dinner tonight? Pita bread BBQ chicken pizzas straight from the Core Nutrition Guide. I toasted the pita to make it crispy and added a ton of red onion and cilantro. I did not make my own BBQ sauce. I just can't do it. I have no interest in it. I do have a sugar free BBQ sauce that I use regularly. Low calories and many of the same ingredients as the recipe in the nutrition guide. (2 green, 1 red, 1 yellow)

I don't know what I have left, but I am pretty satisfied and have not experienced biting hunger all day.....that means no more whining posts about how hungry I am, sorry. Don't worry though, if I am not busy being whiny I can focus on being snarky!