If You Think All I Eat is Chicken and Shakeology...Here is Some Red Meat

So, chicken is relatilvley cheap and easy. Bring it home, throw some seasoning, cook a bunch in the oven. Done. But it can get boring, right?

Four days in and I needed some red meat.

I like steak.
I like it rare.
I like it every where.

Okay so I can't rhyme. Sue me.

The Core Nutrition plan includes a recipe for flank steak. So I bought a hunk at the grocery store and did not expect it to turn out. I never seem to be able to get it just right.

This time, it was awesome. here is what I did:

Cut Flank steak into 4 oz sizes.  I bought a 16 oz flank, so this was easy. Then, sprinkle smoked paprika and cumin all over it. Rub it in. Look at the clock, realize that you have to pick up your kid. Throw it in a tupperware and put it in the back of the fridge. Forget that you have it for four days.

Spend 4 days eating chicken. Your husband asks, "Do you have any plans for dinner?" and you know what he means to say is, "Please do not make me eat chicken, again."

Realize you are a genius. Pull out the steak and turn on a pan. Add 1 tb of olive oil. Wait until you see little bubbles. Throw in the steaks, cover. Return to your WASC report for four minutes and forget about the steaks. Hear the oil going crazy, run into the kitchen. Discover one side is perfectly seared. Flip.

Realize the oven is not on. Turn it on to 300 degrees. Look in the refrigerator for a vegetable that isn't salad. Fail. Grab salad and throw it on the counter. Realize another 4 minutes have passed. Grab steaks, put them on the stone. Put in stove.

Keep touching it until it seems cooked enough. I like mine rare...so not long at all.

Remove and place on counter. Yell at kid to get into the kitchen and eat his salad. Ignore his "disgusting" look when he discovers Mac and Cheese is not on the menu.

Throw some tossed cilantro and 1 tsp of Thai Peanut Sauce on top. Squirt a little bit of fresh lime over your steak and salad.


I made this again today for lunch, but this time I tossed the peanut sauce in with some leftover spaghetti squash and snap peas. I am really missing my favorite Thai restaruant right now, but just the little bit of peanut sauce (it is high in sugar and calories so be careful) is enough to wipe out the craving.

 Try it and let me know how it goes1